Second Haircut in Manila!

I know, I know, it’s a bit ridiculous.  After all, we got here back in April, so a normal person would have had more than 2 haircuts in 10 months.  Specially when that first haircut happened during month one.  That’s right, I spent 9 months without going to a salon…  My hair was tangling so easily lately, that I’ve been wearing a ponytail constantly in the last couple of months.  Why so long in between cuts, you ask?

One, because I’m lazy (it’s true…  It’s also the reason my facials and microdermabrasion appointments, that I already paid for, happen every 3 months, instead of every other week…). 

Two, because I was scared.  During my first haircut here the hairdresser didn’t seem very confident, and though it turned out ok at the end, I had to fix a couple of things here and there at home (the shortest layer was so thick, it looked like a kid had taken scissors to it). 

Then I went to get a facial there, and the same lady that cut my hair did my facial, and she spent 10 minutes on my face, 1 hour (no joke!) giving me a head massage (have I mentioned I hate head massages unless it’s during a haircut when my hair is wet and the person is not pulling the strands out with every move – it was HELL).  So I lost all faith in that woman and that place (Studio 119, at the Picasso Building, if you’re wondering… Right next door to QiWellness which is the best massage place ever). 

So I was afraid of trying a new place.  When you live in an Asian country, you’re never sure if they know how to cut non-Asian hair (I wish my hair was thick and straight like most Filipinas…  but no luck).

A new salon just opened in Salcedo, Makati, and I thought why not give it a try?  So on Tuesday I made a last minute appointment and walked into Hair Philosophie, sporting a quasi-Rapunzel look…


That’s what 9 months of neglect does to a person’s frock…  See the shortest layer?  It was around chin length after my last cut.  And you can see how the ends are a mess, and why they were easily tangling? (Despite how my hair looks, I tend to have the kind of hair that I can comb my hand through anytime and it goes straight through – when it tangles so much it’s a sign I took things too far for too long).

I left the salon sporting hair like this… (any change in color is due to lighting, I guess my in-person hair color falls between picture 1 and 2?)  A bit shorter than I’ve had in years, but I love it!


Sure the hair was dried with a blow drier so it likely looks nicer than normal (remember the lazy part?  Yeah, I air dry my hair 99.99% of the time, and yes, even in DC winter – frozen icicles of hair are fun, no?). 

I also invested in a “hair spa” with some deep conditioning stuff to help the dryness (P1,500, if you’re wondering).

But even after air drying when my hair will poof like usual (sometimes being straight, sometimes wavy – I never know its mood until it dries out), it’ll still look better than the before picture!

I highly recommend the salon!  My cut with a senior stylist was P750 (about $17.50, I love Manila prices!).  My stylist was Junel – the most flamboyant man I’ve met in Manila so far (and he was hilarious, so entertainment AND a great cut in one?  Perfect!). 

Hopefully this is enough motivation to get me back there within the next 6 months…


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8 responses to “Second Haircut in Manila!

  1. Always scary getting haircuts somewhere new! I tried a new place one rained in weekday and didn’t even recognize myself in the mirror of the escalator afterwards – no lie! Not in a good way!
    Yours Looks great!

  2. Cute cut! How often do you get cuts when you’re not in Manila?FOr the past 10 years, I’ve gone once or twice each year. My sole 2012 resolution is actually to get a cut every six weeks. I’m off to a good start! When are you going back for your next cut?

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