They’re back. 

Again, for no reason. 3rd time in the last year and a half.  And yes, I continue to be allergic to nothing.

This sucks.


Those red patches?  Lots of tiny bumps, blistery, itchy like hell AND are everywhere (except my face, thankfully…).

So apparently idiopathic urticaria is a thing.

Fun times.


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7 responses to “Hives

  1. Eczema? That’s what I get sometimes. Not sure what causes it though, but it itches like crazy!

  2. Frances

    Urticaria just means rash – so everything from poison ivy to lupus is urticaria. Idiopathic means they don’t know what is causing it, but also implies that they have ruled out most common causes. Eczema is a disease that causes rashes — but the idiopathic part implies that they have ruled out eczema.

  3. Oh man! I’m sorry you are dealing with it again. That is terrible!

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