And… We have an interview!

Hives and all!

At the end of last year I was for certain going to apply for a part-time Embassy job as an events planner, including travel-planning.  I’ve traveled so much in the last year, I’m a bit of an expert in this, no? 

But…  Those Embassy trips tend to come out to twice as much as what we pay.  Sometimes, 3 times as much.  And as an event planner, you’re required to go, and pay your own way.  Soooo…  Yeah.  Why go back to work if all my salary is going to go towards expensive trips when I know I can do the same trip for a lot cheaper?  But I was still going to apply for it.

Timing wasn’t on my side though, as the job first opened when I wasn’t yet an American Citizen (which is a requirement for spouse employment), but they didn’t find a person for it, so it happened to reopen again right when my parents arrived in town.  And then we left for 2 weeks for our trip around SE Asia, and the job closed.  I had no time to fill out forms, didn’t get a chance to apply (specially since I got sick right after coming back from our trip), but I didn’t beat myself up about it, since you know, that whole “need to pay for expensive travel as part of the job” thing.

Then another part-time position opened at the Embassy – the job is not nearly as interesting as an event planner (which was right up my alley), and it’s more of a routine work, nothing too exciting.  But, the schedule sounds perfect and doesn’t require travel, which means I can continue on planning my own travels with Karl (woot!).

The interview is on Thursday.  I’m ok if I get it, and I’m ok if I don’t.  I admit I got used to this not-having-to-work-thing…  But the extra cash will help — even though it’ll be a LOT lower than I used to get at the IMF, specially since it’s part-time — but all that travel we’ve been doing means no savings aside from retirement, but savings never hurt, right?

So, wish me luck:  that whatever happens is for the best (whether that’s getting the job or not).


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12 responses to “And… We have an interview!

  1. I stopped by your Blof for the fist time today and I love it. Your pictures are beautiful! Best of luck for your interview!

  2. Laura

    Good luck!! I hope you get it so you can keep traveling. And I hope it doesn’t take too much time so you can still blog. On a running note have you heard of the Warrior Dash? I got talked into doing one in Southern Maryland in May. Have you or any of your running friends done one?

    • I think if I get it, it might actually *hurt* the traveling a bit (since I’ll have to request time off and all that fun stuff…). But it will be nice to leave Manila with a bit of savings, since my new salary would be enough to pay our helper and driver (gosh, I sound so spoiled), and I’d still have left over for some spending money for myself.

      My friends LOVED the warrior dash and have done it a bunch of times. I was going to sign up for the one last year, but ended up moving to Manila before the race. So yes, I recommend it! I know that you do sign up by time, so you have to do it early so you can be in the same time slots as your friends. And if you take a camera, take a waterproof one.

  3. I took a pay cut when I took my job at the embassy, but the way I look at it is that it’s just a paid distraction (Conakry without a job is TORTURE…there is almost literally nothing to do here), not to mention the fact that we’re living off my husbands salary, so anything I make is basically free money (well, now it’s the baby fund, but you get the idea)!

    Good luck with the interview. I hope it goes well!

    • See Manila is much different than Conakry as I’m perfectly fine not having to go to work! Everyone said I was going to get bored, which I doubt it anyway, and I was right: I have yet to be bored!

      But we got no babies yet, but we are talking about it (can’t think about it until after we come back from our diving trip in Palau since pregnancy and diving is a no-no), so the extra cash couldn’t hurt!

  4. Good luck, Carla. Things have a way of working out. I think your laid back attitude is terrific.

  5. I hope it went well!!! 🙂

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