Yet Another Country: Brunei!

Yes, Cebu Pacific deals came through to us again, and Karl picked the destination this time!  Over Memorial Day weekend, we’re going to Brunei!

I admit I haven’t done any research yet, have no idea what we’ll see there, aside from this:


Or even where we will stay.  So if anyone reading this has any tips, send it over my way!  (I heard there’s spectacular diving there, but we’re not there long enough, and from the looks of it, diving is quite expensive there too…)

Brunei will be the 6th country we will visit this year!  (Any other place we MUST put on our list of places to see?  By the time we reach Brunei, we’ll have less than a year left in Asia!)


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2 responses to “Yet Another Country: Brunei!

  1. Wow.. the building looks beautiful!! My friend said a visit to the Royal palace and mausoleum are enjoyable.. and the mosque in the pic too! Have a great time there.., 6th country in this year alone!??! I envy you guys 😀

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