OMG! No Makeup! So BRAVE!

Ok, so I’ve posted my share of pictures here on this blog.  And with exception of my wedding pictures and another handful of pictures here and there, everything else is me NOT wearing makeup.

And now I’ve been reading on blogs that not wearing makeup suddenly has become brave.  Brave!!! 

Meanwhile I thought I was just lazy!  Who knew instead it was an act of courage?

I can’t possibly be the only person who thinks that not wearing makeup doesn’t have a thing to do with being brave, no?  Because seriously, what is the big deal?

And yes, though I can look pretty with makeup on…


I also don’t think it’s a big deal that pretty much of my life I go outside looking like this instead:


Sure, I could spend 20 minutes on my face everyday and make it a much more pleasant encounter for everyone but again, not applying makeup has a lot more to do with laziness than bravery.  Regardless of what some girls try to tell you…  I probably put on makeup every week or two (like mascara and lipstick), and the full shebang less often than once a month.  Even back at when I used to work I rarely bothered.  Because seriously, what is the big deal?  (And again, I’m lazy and really value my sleep.)

Sure, wearing makeup can make people look more polished, but I’ve met plenty of people that look like complete crap because they apply too much of it or don’t know how to properly apply it.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks a “naked” face is just a face, not a shout to the world of how courageous you are.  Am I the only person here who doesn’t apply makeup on a daily basis?


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33 responses to “OMG! No Makeup! So BRAVE!

  1. I’m a firm believer in moisturizer and sunscreen on your face. Every day. However, you are very pretty without Carla.

    • I use moisturizer with sunscreen, but I’ve gotten my share of sun damage even with strong sunscreen (it’s what happens when you like being in the water more than out the water… It only lasts so long!)

  2. Liz

    This might be a huge surprise, but I’ve never worn makeup 😉

  3. I hardly ever wear make-up…because I cannot be bothered most of the time 🙂 but I do suffer quite badly with lost of allergies so I don’t see the point in applying make-up only for something to make me sneeze and then the make-up ends up sliding down my face..oh well au natural for me then 🙂

  4. mm

    I rarely wear makeup… maybe twice a month? And usually it’s only if we’re going out somewhere and I’ve somehow miraculously finished getting ready before my husband, then I’ll put it on to pass time while I’m waiting. He actually prefers me with minimal to no makeup anyway, so it’s not a big deal. I definitely don’t find not wearing makeup “brave”. I actually find it ridiculous that people feel the need to ALWAYS wear makeup in order to leave their house (or go to the gym?!!?).

  5. Amy

    You look amazing without! I still wear make-up every day, but the older I get the less I care. I’ve gotten the routine down to 5 minutes from about 20 in college.

  6. I much prefer the natural look. Very few people can apply make up in a way that doesn’t make them look worse than before they put it on. I don’t wear makeup at all. I’m pretty sure the last time I did was for my wedding. I do wear moisturizer most days, and I recently bought a tinted moisturizer to try hoping it might help to even out my skin tone without looking like I put makeup on. But that’s it. Oh and Burt’s Bees lip balm.

    • Actually I know quite a few friends that are very good at applying make up, and can make their eyes pop with it on! But whether it makes you look better or not, it doesn’t make you more/less brave because you chose to wear it or not!

  7. I wear very little makeup, if any at all…yes, including when I go to work. Most of the time it’s just MAC Studio Fix pressed power and tinted lip balm that I apply in the parking lot of my office building. Most of the time, people say that they can’t tell I don’t have anything on. I think I’m lucky that I have a relatively decent complexion and dark features (eyebrows, lashes, olive skin) so I don’t need mascara, eye shadow, etc to make my eyes look defined, etc. But really, I’m pretty lazy when it comes to that aspect of my routine and my mom didn’t wear much makeup either so I don’t know that it would change if I didn’t have these features!

    • My complexion gets worse as I age (thank you, sun damage!), but I still don’t feel the need to apply it. My eyes are definitely not defined, and I loved how they looked at my wedding, but I can’t do the same regardless how many times I’ve tried on my own!

      My mom never wears make up unless she’s off for a big event, so I probably got that from her as well.

  8. Ha ha, yes, so not a big deal! I wear makeup about three times a year. Apparently I’m really brave the other 362 days to actually *gasp* go out in public without it.

    • Right?

      I’ve seen some bloggers going “OMG, I cannot believe I just posted this no-makeup picture online” and sometimes it’s like “uh, you look exactly the same as on the pictures where you do have it on. Not all of them are fishing for compliments, but when they have this whole “naked face” movement or whatever they call it, it’s like, give me a break, lots of people go without make up and no one really cares.

  9. Frances

    This reminds me of all the magazine articles and such that think it’s so wonderful and frugal and… Dare I say, brave… of Kate Middleton to re-wear clothes a second time. Gasp! I never heard of such a thing!!!

    • Ha! I totally win in frugality then! So basically all us normal folks are frugal peons because for the most part we buy clothes based on how many uses we’ll get out of it! (I think with exception of our wedding dress, but even some people manage to wear it again.)

  10. Nomads By Nature

    Going out without makeup could be considered brave if wearing it is a crutch to feel accepted/acceptable. I feel sad for those who are made to feel, or interpret feeling, inadequate without it. The flip side of course, is that I wouldn’t want to be judged either, if I liked make up and applying/wearing it made me feel good and confident and happy. Sadly, many of these magazines or beauty advice columns thrive to divide us all from being unique individuals and to being inclusive and supportive of each other. Makeup (missing, sparing, constant, plastered) is not that important a key to who we are or how brave we are. Showing up each day to be our best and serve others the best we can, that is bravery. The beauty lobbyists are a bunch of tosh.

    • That’s a good point, about it being a crutch for some people, but does that make any of those women weaker and less courageous? I agree with you that though I don’t think NOT wearing make up is brave, I also don’t think wearing it makes them any less brave. It’s not what you put on your face, but how you encounter the world (regardless of whether you have lipstick on!).

  11. I rarely wear makeup, and when I do, it’s just shadow, liner and mascara. Nothing for the rest of my face.

    What gets me is the not shaving your legs thing (that is party of this movement?). I could not do that for however many days.

    • I know!!! I’ve seen the no shaving thing too, and I don’t shave just for others, I shave for MYSELF — yes, even when I was single during the winter time in DC. (And hairy legs and armpits in women gross me out, so I would never do that myself.) It doesn’t actually *prove* anything.

      Shouldn’t the whole point be, “be who you are, whatever way YOU are most comfortable”? Not having one better than the other?

  12. Yes, but what if you’re running a marathon? It’s okay to wear a full face of makeup then, right?

    • Really? I never wear makeup on races, it would drip down my face, and look disgusting! Why would you wear makeup in a marathon (vs other times you’re working out)?. Bc of pictures? I find nothing is taken close enough to your face to make a difference… When I’m running a marathon, I rather be comfortable than look good! (And a full face of makeup dripping while I’m sweating for 5 hours would definitely put me in the uncomfortable area.)

  13. I think you like nice with our without make-up. For me, I want it because of acne issues. I also like wearing eye shadow and playing with colors. Some people can’t tell I’m wearing make-up though. I don’t understand why people wear make-up when running. You’re going to just sweat-it off anyways during the race!

    • But does liking to wear make up make you less brave? THAT is the thing that bothers me. You can wear makeup or not wear makeup, but neither one defines who you are or how courageous (or not!) you are.

      When people make a big deal about being brave not wearing makeup, it puts down everyone else that wears it by choice (whatever their reason for it). And honestly? I think I look better with makeup, specially in pictures (doesn’t everyone?), but laziness wins — I don’t not wear it because I want to shout to the world how brave I am (because if I wanted to show bravery, I’d certainly find other means for it), I don’t wear it because I don’t give a crap that my face looks like I haven’t slept in days (or more accurately, I give a crap, just not enough to do something about it).

  14. Great post, Carla. I’ve been thinking about this for the last year and a half, which is the last time I wore makeup. I think makeup is a big cultural sham (sham: “a person who pretends to be someone or something they are not”). We pretend we have longer eyelashes than we do, redder or pinker lips than we do, better skin than we do, etc. It’s a sham. And guys don’t wear it, so why should we? It’s usually bad for our complexions anyway, is often made out of animals, and makes us even more self-conscious. It creates competition and extra judging among [most] women. And think of all the time AND money you save! Sleep is definitely more important, like you said. Being out here where the women laugh at you for shaving your legs and pits has been enlightening. I say save the makeup for the theater.

    • See, I don’t know if there’s so much bad in wearing makeup, maybe for those that DO feel like a crutch and that personally DO feel like they’re being brave when they go without it (oh man, they really don’t know what brave really is!).

      As for being a sham, one could say the same thing about spanx, push up bras, straight iron, pantyhose, sucking in your stomach in pictures, high heels, plucking your eyebrows, dyeing/highlighting your hair, etc. Or guys trying to cover a bald spot by combing their hair differently. Or putting on perfume, or wearing deodorant (although one could say that it’s a sham benefiting everyone around them).

      But where do you draw the line?

      I think that as long as you’re not hurting anyone else, you can do what makes *you *feel good, whether that is wearing make up, styling your hair the way you like it, etc. But NOT doing any of those things, even if does make you feel better about yourself when you do this, doesn’t make you courageous.

      • Yeah, I would agree with you that courage doesn’t really have much to do with the topic. It’s more a matter of what societal factors we let influence our behavior and our ability to be at peace with ourselves despite pressure to be this way or that way. A very good topic. I guess I feel like time running around the track outside is infinitely more valuable than running to the mirror trying to effectuate an appearance.

  15. I’m with you. I wear only the smallest amount of make up to the office on a daily basis. Just enough to make me look awake. Takes literally two seconds to apply some moisturizers and blush.

    When I’m going out on the weekends, I primp a little more, but other than that I don’t bother. Definitely don’t think “not wearing makeup” is brave.

  16. Angela

    No I can’t be bothered wearing makeup either what’s the point unless your going for a night out? Because if you look your best everyday then for special days you’ll either look the same or overdo it with the makeup. Plus I couldn’t wear makeup everyday even if I wanted to it’s too stressful as it just sweats off even when I’m just walking to work! I think it’s the shock of my skin not being able to breath lol Plus why should we MEN don’t go to the effort that so many other women do and we don’t think twice about it.

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