Kitten Update!

Remember this little guy?




In July, he was adopted by our friends, Cath and Bill, who live downstairs in our building.  Since then, he was renamed Lito and has been a source of laughs for the two!

I hadn’t been at their place for a while, but last week I had a chance to stop by and Cath took a couple of pictures.  Can you believe it’s even the same cat?


(And yes, he’s showing off some chub there!)

Even Karl who thought I was crazy bringing that tiny kitten home back in May, on the day we moved into our apartment, agrees that it was the right thing to do (probably because I haven’t encountered other kittens since then). 

I can’t believe that the little kitty who fit into the palm of my hand, could only drink kitten replacement milk from a bottle (in feedings that took over 40 minutes each time!), had to be “stimulated” in order to poop (thanks youtube for showing me how to do that!) and had a huge fungal infection in over 50% of his body, made it through to be such a big healthy cat! 

When I was caring for him there was loads of tears when I thought he wouldn’t make it (the fungus thing was scary!), but not once I gave up.  He is so lucky that we were able to find him such a wonderful family – and Cath and Bill find themselves lucky as well to have such a little rascal roaming around their place!

The one bad news?  He doesn’t remember me at all!  (Or maybe he does, and is still has nightmares when I had to scrub him with gel a few times a day to get the fungus scabs off…  Or when I held him over the toilet to massage his stomach so he would poop…  Or that I kept him locked up in his own room/bathroom instead of giving him free roam of the house, so our pets wouldn’t destroy him).  Ok, so he may only remember the bad parts, since the life of a sick kitten was not very glamorous, but did he completely forget the hours a day I played with him, the bottle feedings, the naps we took together?  Or is he afraid I’m going to take him away from his new family, where he is certainly king of the place?

Sometimes doing the “crazy” thing like bringing an abandoned and malnourished kitten home, when you already have a cat and a puppy, on your first day in your new place, is not so crazy after all.  I don’t regret it one bit.


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4 responses to “Kitten Update!

  1. Carla you have a really big heart! 🙂 What a great story–sorry he doesn’t remember you though. 😦

  2. I see from your blog! Elephants, tigers, puppies…oh my! 🙂 That’s really great though. Animals would be happier if more people were like you! (Me included…I’m just afraid of them). :/

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