I now have 4 passports!

I totally forgot to write about all of this – but a few weeks ago, my newly-acquired US citizenship was made official by the arrival of these babies…


That’s right, not only I received my regular US passport, but I’m the proud owner of a diplomatic passport as well!  (I need to start filling them up with new stamps…)

My Philippines visa has to stay in my Brazilian passport, it seems, until that expires (in September), so I’ll still be carrying it around for now. 

Not that I mind!

I mean, how many people can say they own FOUR valid passports?


Cool, no?


This rainbow will end when I renew my Brazilian passport this year, since the new ones have a blue cover too (boo!).  But at least Karl can stop being embarrassed that I carry an old style non-scanneable passport…

This year’s passport renewal will also be interesting, to say the least…  My name was officially changed in Brazil after our marriage, but never changed in the US.  Right now everything matches, since my Brazilian passport outdates my name change, but the new one should have my new name – even though I don’t have one single document with my new name in it…  I’m not looking forward to that process.

But four passports?  YAY!  And yay for finally getting my diplomatic one!


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7 responses to “I now have 4 passports!

  1. At least you’ll have no problems travelling to Israel and Arab countries that reject passports with Israel stamps in them! 😛

  2. bigrhaa

    Hi how are you thats cool that you have 4 passports not everybody has an diplomatic passport for example i dont have a diplomatic passport, but i have 6 passports hungarian, because the father of my father the grandfather was hungarian and my grandmother the mother of my father is romanian so also have romanian passport. My mother from mother site is italian so i have italian passport and and the father of my mother is peruvian so i have peruvian passport. I also have american passport, because i was born in the united states of america and i grew up in switzerland thats why i have swiss passport too.

  3. Jack

    I have 5 passports (Canadian, Portugal, British Oversea National, Hong Kong SAR, and Macau SAR), but no diplomatic one like you.

  4. Francis

    I have 4 too, Australian by birth, Nigerian by Fathers bloodline, British by Mothers bloodline and American by choice (Naturalized)

  5. mattej

    I hold 4 passports – one more citizenship than you. CDN DEU SVK HUN.
    Want a pic let me know!

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