Random iPhone pictures…

It seems that since getting the iPhone I’ve been taking a lot more pictures, and a lot more random ones.  Here are some of those pictures so far (Lily being my favorite model, of course!).

A rare quiet moment…


Valentine’s dinner date at Malcolm’s.


Her favorite thing is to mess up the pillows, then throw them all on the floor.


Just chillin’


Yep, still chilling…


Yes, I sleep like it’s my job!


Sporting the dress we got her from Thailand (she doesn’t always wear clothes, but we do dress her up occasionally for the entertainment factor – too hot to keep her in them though).


She loves hanging out on top of the couch.


AMAZING Brazilian BBQ with our friends in Alabang.  AMAZING.  I love their creative grill, and I loved the food even more.  Beef, how I missed you…  (This really should be a monthly thing.  I want more barbecue!)


After destroying the original chicken, we had to buy a replacement on petsmart.com – good thing they still stocked her favorite toy!


Lucas rarely cozies up to Karl, so he gets super excited when he’s the chosen one!


Still messing those pillows.  Why do you ask?


Such a cute troublemaker!


Late afternoon nap…


Turns out I have way more pictures than it fits in one post.  More to come!

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