Does this mean I’m now famous?

Because I got my first piece of hate mail, which made me crack up, because really, people actually spend their time on the internet leaving comments like this?


(And the name “Carla” as the commenter, is of course part of their joke, get it?)

Anyway, so apparently talking about myself on MY blog is a problem.  Uh, I guess I better start discussing world politics on Carla Runs the World?  (Yeah, no.)

And of course, the commenter above who has read me for the “first and last time” also has commented a few months ago (because people forget there’s such a thing as IP’s and that blog software actually keeps track of these things – oh hello, hateful person from Maryland…).

Anyway, I could say it ruined my night if I wasn’t laughing so hard!  I’m no stranger to snark, but really?  Complaining I don’t keep anything a secret?  You’d think I was talking about Karl’s sexual prowess, not the fact that I own 4 passports, which is where the comment, now deleted, was posted.

For all the bloggers out there – have you gotten hate mail, and if yes, what’s your favorite?

Does the fact this made me laugh makes me more arrogant?  I guess I’m just a special snowflake now.

Tomorrow, back to your normal programming, where I talk about my self.  A lot.  With pictures even!  Ack!


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24 responses to “Does this mean I’m now famous?

  1. Nikki

    Ha! You’ve arrived.

    Perhaps “Carla” doesn’t understand the concept of a personal blog.

  2. I like your attitude! It’s your blog and you get to decide what you write about. If they don’t like it, that’s their problem. Keep doing what makes you happy!

    • True that! I think if they had referenced to something I said or a particular comment, I could even go “fair enough” but because I talk about myself on my blog? Well, that’s the one thing you’re guaranteed to hear about on someone’s personal blog!

  3. Amy

    I’m always amazed that people take it upon themselves to tell other people how much they dislike them over social media. What on earth did they accomplish by calling you arrogant other than being mean?

    I guess you can’t make everyone happy.

    • See, but I wasn’t trying to make everyone happy to begin with. There are plenty of blogs out there that I don’t like, for a variety of reasons. Not once I put an anonymous comment just for the sake of being mean. What are we, teenagers?

  4. This might mean that you have to do your hair and wear (gasp) make-up now! The paparazzi might be outside your door! It’s YOUR blog and you can do whatever you want to! Even if you want to talk about your sex life–so be it! Don’t be surprised if you get more comments/readers then! Haha! I completle enjoy your blog! 🙂

  5. *”completely” (had to correct myself there)

  6. Ahhh! I live in Maryland. I swear it wasn’t me. I love your blog. You have a great attitude. Keep talking about yourself, your life, your adventures – we love it.

  7. For some reason I can’t post a comment without signing into my WordPress account. Anyway, SDOrioles = Laura

  8. Oh my how rude! I love your blog and I enjoy reading about you and what you are doing…isn’t that the point of a peronal blog?!

  9. I never got a single negative comment until I started writing about women’s health (contraception) on my blog. Which is such a controversial subject, you know! But boy did they come rolling in after that. It was an eye-opening experience. I approve any comment that isn’t just plain nuts, though.

    • I’m a highly opinionated person, and I try really really hard not to write controversial things, mostly because this is not anonymous and Karl is very paranoid about his job.

      I never thought contraception was even remotely controversial, but the things you learn…

  10. Nicole

    That comment was pretty funny. Don’t stop writing! I’m a new FS spouse and I get so much great info from your blog about FS life and overseas life.

  11. jen

    Amazing that people will actually spend precious time actively being negative. Instead, I’ll take a moment out of my day to say, I enjoy your blog & appreciate you sharing your adventures.

  12. I love your attitude. I keep wondering how I will react to a bad comment… Some people really have nothing better to do? Seriously?

    • I think if it was a bad comment disagreeing with something I expressed an opinion on, or in a particular thing I wrote, fine. But a general comment of how my blog is about me and therefore I’m arrogant? Eh, kind of goes in the pile of someone doesn’t like me and/or is jealous of my opportunity and is taking a cheap shot to get me upset, but it didn’t really work.

  13. Ha ha ha. Uhh… it’s a personal blog. It would be one thing to attack you on an opinion or something, but writing about yourself too much? Huh?

    I have not gotten any hate mail. Not popular enough 😉

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