The Hunger Games was AWESOME!

Edited to add:  Though I can’t imagine there are people that still haven’t read the book, I was asked to warn of  spoiler alerts.  If you have read the book, you carry on reading with no worries.

The Hunger Games opened Wednesday here in the Philippines, but since the first showing was pretty late, we finally caught it tonight — yep, it’s Thursday night here in Manila!   (I gotta say that it was pretty cool that the movie opened here before it did in the US.  That’s a first, as far as I know!)

You know when you read a book that you love and how you have high high high expectations when the movie comes out?

And you know how you usually leave the theater a tad disappointed?  Story lines that changed, things that were not how you visualized it, and so on?

Well, this was not the case here:  the whole movie was amazing!  When Katniss is about to enter her pod to be sent off to the games?  She was shaking – and my heart was in my mouth, even though I knew what was going to happen!  I really liked how the movie got me nervous, excited and emotional, just like the book did.  Though I knew the plot, the message didn’t get lost on me, as it was a pretty faithful rendition of the book.  (And yes, just like when I read the book, I was also in tears when Rue died.)

The one odd thing about watching the movie here in Manila?  Filipinos find humor at the oddest times.  For example, when Katniss first kisses Peeta, and we see a shot of Gale incredibly hurt and brokenhearted while witnessing the moment on the TV screen, that was apparently hilarious as the WHOLE THEATER BROKE OUT IN LAUGHTER.  So many times during the movie people were giggling and laughing at the weirdest scenes, even when there was death involved.  It makes one wonder if they were understanding the plot, or if they really find it funny when someone gets hurt?  They can’t be that insensitive, can they?  Is this just how they deal with uncomfortable situations, with a strong laughter, giggles and a chuckle?  (Pinoy friends, please feel free to chime in!)

I wanted to shout “THIS IS NOT A COMEDY!” – and come on, I admit that I giggled my way through the couple of Twilight movies I watched, but I was at home, so I was not disturbing actual fans, and the movies were pretty cheesy (while the Hunger Games doesn’t have a cheesy story line).  I would think people watching the Hunger Games the day after it opens on a sold out showing are people that have read the book.  (But maybe they also thought the book was a comedy?  Who knows.)

Have you seen the movie?  What did you think?


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11 responses to “The Hunger Games was AWESOME!

  1. Sara

    Hi…..Might I suggest you put out a ‘spoiler alert’ at the beginning of your blog so those of us who haven’t finished the book yet (I have to admit I’m a purest and have to read before I see) don’t ruin it for ourselves. I know…I know….I read at my own risk. I just can’t help myself though…..I love reading your blog.
    Glad to hear the movie lives up to the book and look forward to seeing if I have a little Filipino in me or not ( I don’t typically giggle at serious stuff!) ; )
    Keep blogging!!
    ~ Sara ~

  2. I have to admit that I have not read this post…reason? I saw your spolier notice so I skipped to the comment box 🙂 I refuse to go and see this film no matter how tempting it is as I have not read the book and I really want to read it before I watch the film 🙂 I will say though that I am very much looking forward to The Host…I am not sure if you have read the book (Stephanie Meyer) but as the film is not out till March 2013 you still have time. It is more mature than the Twilight Saga. I LOVE Twilight though and I have read the books/watched the films many times 🙂
    I will be getting a copy of The Hunger Games very soon 🙂

    • Yes, definitely read the book first! It’s worth it, and you can’t put it down once you start, so you don’t have to refrain from watching the movie for that long.

      I haven’t heard of The Host, I’ll have to check it out.

  3. Sara

    Thanks Carla! ; )

    I’m quickly trying to finish up on the book ‘The Girl That Kicked The Hornets Nest’ by Steig Larsson. I have all the ‘Hunger Games’ books purchased and ready to go…..just that my attempt at trying to be a runner keeps getting in the way….and the great weather we’re having!

    ~ Take care ~

    • I love the Steig Larsson trilogy! The movie was pretty good too (both the Swedish and the American versions — but the American version was a lot more graphic).

      Definitely try starting the Hunger Games! Is worth it! And it’s such a quick and captivating read, you’ll FIND time among all the running!

  4. Saw it last night at midnight. It was excellent and very true to the book! I would like to know if those that have never read the book understand the movie. I’m anxious for #2.

  5. Sokphal

    Just saw the movie today! It’s not Pinoys! The entireto theater laughed at the EXACT same parts too. I guess romantic parts are uncomfortable? I just felt sad for Gael! Haven’t read the book. The main theme…kids killing each other didn’t sit well with me. I was really surprised to see so many kids in the theater too. BUT, I did think the acting was completely amazing and will probably read the books since everyone loves them.

    • That is totally weird that everyone laughed at the same parts! Karl and I kept going “is it supposed to be funny?” So did YOU think it was funny?

      The acting was great!

      And definitely read the books, it’s worth it! Even though you’ve seen the movie, start with the first one since it’s slightly different than the book (the book is all on Katniss perspective), so it’ll be a better continuation. And I heard the second movie only comes out in November 13

  6. james

    I’m Pinoy and I’m guilty of laughing during those scenes. I think it has something to do with how rapid the transition from one scene (peeta and katniss) to the next (gale) – it almost seemed like the film makers were not ‘serious’. It could also be due to our ‘nature’ as a people…haha… Like how they always say on tv: you will never fail to see some Filipinos smiling and waving at the cameras even during floods, typhoons and other natural calamities. I think it’s our way of coping with ‘difficult’ things – seeing a loved one being kissed by another guy included.Or not really. 😛

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