Random iPhone Pics – 2

So I really have been taking way too many pictures lately.  And yep, mostly of the dog…

As much as she is a pest (and she really is a pest), she totally behaves when we’re out for dinner and she’s just hanging out under the seats/table.


Yes, I have too much time in my hands.


Yummy yummy yummy frozen margarita from Mr. Jones (one of my favorite places here in Manila).


Ayala park, where we go on weekends to play with Lily (a 5-10 minute walk from our place).



I love how Lucas wraps his legs around my arm.


Good morning!  WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP!!!


At the pool, waiting for the sun to reach me (it hides behind my building until around noon, and then hides behind the other buildings at 2pm…).


Saturday morning eating yummy crepes at Café Breton in Greenbelt.  (I recommend the butter, lemon, sugar crepe.  Yum!)


Very rare occasion where Lily sat next to Lucas, and he didn’t move away OR smack her.  (Please excuse her bare stomach/hind legs, she still has that skin allergy going on…)


On our way out to dinner.  This puppy makes me so happy!  (And any x-files fans here?  My eyes remind me of that episode where everyone’s eyes filled up with oil from within?  Remember?)


View from our living room.


Lazy Sunday afternoon.


Lily sleeping on her favorite spot.


“I wasn’t doing anything!”


Best after-gym activity!


So we ate a McDonald’s sundae one day, and Lily had to lick it clean…


Saturday night sushi at Omakase, Ayala Park.



So this angle is not very flattering to my nose (please tell me is not that big in real life!), but this is where she sleeps when I’m on the laptop!




And just from last weekend:  celebrating our Rio de Janeiro assignment with champagne brunch at the Sofitel!  (Have I mentioned how I still love my haircut?  No need to blow dry and it’s still looking good!)



And from last Monday – one hour of Muay Thai, that included 70 push ups (granted I only did 10 full pushups, the other 60 were all on my knees – what can I say, I still have no core strength…) and almost 600 crunches of 10 different varieties (including upper body up AND legs up at the same time, then back down, then all of it back up again… ouch).  And at the end?  I decided it was not enough and did one round of circuit training (yes, I regretted it immediately, but was too proud to walk off so I finished the damn thing).

Then home to a protein smoothie (that I didn’t even notice was dripping until I saw this picture!)


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  1. love the pictures!! And Lily is so freakin’ cute!

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