And we get to host again!

Andrew, who was in Karl’s A-100 class, is visiting for work this week, and after we found out that they were going to put him up at the Seafront compound (where there’s nothing nearby and you’re 100% dependent on cars), we emailed him offering to stay with us (we do have plenty of room, and we do live in the coolest area in Manila, if I may say so myself).

Where is Andrew coming from, you ask?  Majuro, Marshall Islands.  Island fever, much?  (His wife,Jamie, blogs here if you’re curious about life in Majuro.)

He arrived on Sunday, and we already plan on taking him out for dinner a few times this week – sure, we’ve been eating some delicious home-cooked meals lately (note: not cooked by me), but when you’re coming from a place where you can choose between 5 restaurants, for sure you’re craving some variety, no? 

Now the funny part about his arrival?  It was his first time meeting Lily “oh wow, her skin got a lot better.”  And then he apologized “sorry, it sounds creepy, but I keep up with you guys through your blog!”

It’s funny, since I read Jamie’s blog too, as well as many other Foreign Service Blogs (there’s a huge list here, if you’re curious).  Sometimes you forget how much familiarity it gives to people you barely know.  And we all know I’ve made some great friends on this blog – like Tracy who is even coming to visit me in Manila (gotta blog about that too!), or even bloggers who I never met in person, but I would open my doors in a heartbeat if they were to visit (Lesley and Tyly, who no longer blogs, are two examples that pop in my mind).

I certainly don’t mind sharing our life with friends and strangers, and of course, I love reading about everyone else’s life as well, but it IS funny when you want to tell a story and you hear “yeah, I know, I read about it on your blog!” (my parents can be blamed for saying this a lot).

Now, back to important matters:  if you were hosting someone who has been living the last year in an island that is only 3.7 square miles, where would YOU take them?  (I guess Manila malls are suddenly a perfect spot for sightseeing, no?)


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