Jakarta next week!

Somehow I completely lost track of time, and just now realized that not only I’ll be in Palau at this time 2 weeks from now (OMG, so excited!!!), but this time next week, we’ll be in Jakarta, Indonesia.

And aside from figuring out a hotel, I have done NO research.  At all.  And I’m running our of time…

So if anyone reading this has been there, please send me any tips of where to go.  Anything we *must* see?  (Though I’ve heard it’s like Manila, not much to actually see, sightseeing-wise…)

And what are the good places for shopping?  And by shopping I don’t mean malls with expensive stores, but maybe batik, or other local things.  To Karl’s dismay, I love a market, but I have been staying away from them since my parents left…

I definitely want to eat at Din Tai Fung, and I know, I know, that’s not Indonesian food, but I’ve been obsessed with it since we tried it in Singapore (and again in Bangkok), and we’re staying almost next door to one (yes, I may have screamed with glee when I found that out right after we booked the hotel).  But if there’s a “must try” spot in Jakarta, send it my way!

(We’re staying near Plaza Senayan, but we can definitely find our way around the city!)

Update:  After writing this last night (you didn’t actually think I was physically up at 7am every morning posting on the blog, no?), I found Clare’s blog (thanks to the FS blogs bundle on google reader I recently discovered) and emailed her asking for tips, and she wrote me back with a BUNCH of tips!  I’m actually starting to get excited about our short trip!

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