Back to normal life…

Andrew stayed with us for a whole week, and we’d like to think we were great hosts – specially when it comes to eating out!  Since he’s been in Majuro, Marshall Islands, with a barely any restaurant options, we wanted to take advantage and take him to some of our favorite places.  Here in Manila, we are definitely spoiled when it comes to eating out (so many options, and everything is so affordable compared to US prices!).

We ate at Mr. Jones (American food), Agave (Tex-Mex – yes, we finally have great Tex-Mex in Manila!), at home (slow cooked chicken), Itallianis (Italian), Alba (Spanish), Café Breton (yummy crepes!), Malcolm’s Steakhouse (for short ribs!), People’s Palace (Thai) and lastly, Amici (for pizza and gelato!). 

The only think Andrew refused to eat at?  Indian food “It’s my wife’s favorite, I have to draw the line there, I can’t eat it without her!”  (And I didn’t insist, because I’m likely the only person in the planet who’s not a fan of Indian food.)

We also took him shopping (nowhere to shop at in Majuro, and they don’t have DPO), where he got a bit overwhelmed with all the options, but still found what he needed.

It was great spending a week eating out, but my waistline has definitely suffered.  Between a week’s worth of indulgence, our trip to Jakarta in a couple of days (hmmmm, Din Tai Fung, I’m having dreams about you), and our trip to Palau next week (yay!), April will definitely be a challenging month…  But oh, it’ll be so worth it!

Can we believe I didn’t travel at all during the month of March?  I’m getting the travel itch again…  Jakarta, see you in 2 days!


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4 responses to “Back to normal life…

  1. Traci

    I love that you’re a Din Tai Fung addict now!!

  2. Omg, I am SO jealous that you have so much diverse cuisine!! I’d kill for that kind of stuff here right now.

    • We’re definitely spoiled here in the Philippines, I can’t complain! But remember Andrew has even less options than you: only 5 restaurants (in the whole island!), no cuisine to speak of, and no spices/seasoning in the few things they have available (not even fresh vegetables!). At least Spanish food is amazing!

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