Hopefully, by the time this goes live, Cebu Pacific has been nice to us, and I’m already in Jakarta, shopping for Batik fabrics and eating yummy Indonesian food (though I heard it’s spicy, and I’m a wimp, but Karl is looking forward to it).

We do have free wifi at our hotel, so if I get a few spare minutes (we only have 48 hours in Indonesia, after all!), I’ll share some pictures from there, but if I don’t get a chance I’ll definitely post updates before we jet off to Palau on Tuesday night (last than a week!  Eeeek!). 

And it seems like in Palau we’ll have NO wifi.

A week without facebook, checking email and blogging?  I guess I would care if I wasn’t so busy diving in clear crystal blue waters!  (I’m lying, I still care, it’s not like there’s much to do at night in a quiet resort, right?  Thankfully, the kindle is loaded and fully ready for some one on one time.)


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2 responses to “Jakarta!

  1. Nomads By Nature

    Have a lovely and relaxing trip! Looking forward to the photo results from your underwater adventures!

  2. Have a safe trip 🙂 lots of pics please 🙂

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