No Muay Thai? No problem!

At least on Wednesday it wasn’t a problem.  We’ll see once work starts… 

I do find that in general, I do a lot more at the gym when I have someone making me do it, than when I’m left to my own devices.  Plus, I like the variety an instructor/personal trainer provides on a workout – no two workouts the same.

But when on Wednesday morning I got a call that Muay Thai was canceled for the day (likely due to the loooong holiday weekend we’re gearing up for), I still put on my workout clothes, and an hour after I was meant to go to Muay Thai, I headed over to our building’s gym.

Remember way back when I was doing the “New Rules of Lifting for Women”?  So today I decided to pick it back up.  I never got far into stage 2 last time, so I did stage 1 again, but started towards the end of the phase, doing 3 sets of 10 for each exercise, and using the same weights I used after being a few weeks in.  I’m not that out of shape nowadays after all, since we do incorporate weights at some Muay Thai classes, and sometimes I do a circuit training with the TRX bands, so I have been doing something, but I’m definitely not where I was when I finished stage 1 last time (I was using heavier weights by then, and today things were definitely challenging, even though all weights were about 5 pounds lighter in each hand as it used to be 6 months ago).  On the bright side, the ab work from Stage 1 seemed ridiculously easy!

Just picking between workout A or B wasn’t enough of a workout (compared to what I have been doing), so I ended up doing both of them.  To finish things off, I added 500 sit-ups and crunches (since we usually finish our Muay Thai with ab work, and that was the one thing I found lacking at the end of routine). 

I left quite proud of myself for not taking a rest day when things got canceled!  (Because let’s face it, the first thing that crossed on my mind when I got that phone call was “YAY!  REST DAY!!!  WOOT!”)

And yep, you bet I’m walking around Jakarta quite sore…

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  1. What places did you visit here in the Philippines? When will you be coming back? Thanks for coming over here.

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