Jakarta, Indonesia: In Pictures

There is not much to actually see in Jakarta sightseeing wise.  We saw the major landmarks, then went shopping (for batik and handicrafts which were incredible!) and spoiled ourselves with a cream bath (basically some deep conditioning treatment with an hour-long scalp massage, that is very typical of Indonesia – and yes, it was awesome), and I also got the best foot massage of my life.

But if you’re wondering how Jakarta is really like, only pictures bring the point across, no?  So here you go…  (All the pictures were taken with my iPhone, and lots of them taken from inside a taxi.)  For those of you who have been to Manila, you’ll notice that despite the high buildings, Jakarta has a lot more green space than Manila.












The mall above on the top right picture?  Is was shaped like a spiral – you can skip the escalators and start at the bottom and just walk-walk-walk until you reached the top (of course, I still have some runner-blood in me, because my first thought was “wow, this would be great hill-work).  And the indoor slide was right next to our hotel.  We were totally going to do it, but then they wouldn’t take credit cards, and since we had a few hours left in Jakarta, we didn’t want to change money again.

Oh, and this was the gym at the mall at our hotel.  I never seen something so amazing, and if my gym was like that, I’d be totally ripped, because I would never leave.  Seriously, check it out.  (And yes, the low-lighting and lounge chairs are totally for real.)

One thing we can’t figure out?  How the heck does Jakarta have 5% more hardship than Manila?  I could see the same thing, or even lower, but higher hardship than Manila?  How?  (That said, I hope it doesn’t get changed, in case we ever end up there, so forget you read the last paragraph.)

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