Edited to Add:  You can read the post below as I intended.  I wrote it earlier this week, to go live this morning, then United Airlines decided to cancel our flight and route our aircraft/crew to Guam.  After an hour at the gate, two hours outside the gate (because we got literally kicked out by them saying “Palau people follow us upstairs for more information” “Oh, now that we are upstairs, you wait here for more information” — even though upstairs there is no place to sit and you’re just stand around and the security won’t let you back in the gate unless your boarding pass says Guam), and then another hour (two?) at a different gate, they finally told us we would take an 11am flight this morning to Guam, and from there head over to Palau, arriving there almost 24 hours later than the original plan, and to add insult to injury, our flight was canceled for good, and instead of being a quick 2.5 hour hop from Manila to Palau, let’s now spend 4 hours on our way to Guam, have a huge layover and spend another 2 hours flying back to Palau, making a total trip time of 8.5 hours vs 2.5.  We got home at almost 2am, and now are leaving back to the airport at 7am (a little earlier than we need to be there, because a Tagalog speaker in our crew heard them talking among each other that this flight to Guam is now overbooked, so we want to be one of the first ones at check in this morning).  Let’s hope no more surprises and tomorrow at this time I am actually in Palau.  Wish us luck.  (And yes, we hate United even more now than we already did.)  Now onto the post that I had originally written:

As this goes live, we have hopefully arrived in Palau, and we’re sleeping off our jetlag.

I can’t believe it was 6 months ago (or so), when we first planned this!  A trip to a country I never in a million years thought I would have the chance to go to (a country that I only heard of a few years ago after seeing the second video of “Where the Hell is Matt?”– check out minute 2:46 for the jellyfish lake!), and now, this should be posting after I got there!

One week playing around clear blue waters and diving, diving, diving!


I should hopefully come back relaxed, tanned, and with a ton of new great diving pictures!

Said that, it seems like I won’t have much (if any) internet access from there – I’ll try to leave a couple of posts ready (since there are still a couple of things to say about Jakarta), but aside from that, it should be slow on these parts until I get back next week.  Then be ready for amazing pictures!

Country #26, here I come!


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6 responses to “Palau!

  1. So, you get to go to Palau, and I am supposed to feel sorry for you?


    PS – tell ’em, Wayne said ‘Hello!’

  2. Sorry about the travel problems! I hope you enjoy your vacation! 🙂

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