Shopping in Jakarta

I already mentioned how the Indonesian handicrafts were truly unique, in all our travels we haven’t yet seen anything like it.

The batik was also incredible (though a tad overwhelming!)  Of course, I got some batik…  (And if anyone can recommend a good seamstress in Manila, please let me know!) 


My favorite is the bottom right picture, which is Indian silk, apparently.  Here’s a close up of the details (before I ruined it all by folding it up badly):


And a very bad picture taken in the hotel room of how I want the dress to look like (a fancy party dress).  The fabric is more blue than green in person, but I think the gold/blue combo makes it come out green in pictures…


Now for the other fun stuff…  Things made of shells (seems like I have a thing for turtles…), the awesome elephant and rhino woodcarving and of course the cool bike (with a functioning pedal and chain!).


Here’s a better look of the details (which I love!) of the elephant and rhino:


A colorful box, a vase  and coasters…


Karl says I bought too much, but honestly I think I didn’t buy enough!  I was in love with most of the things I saw, but to Karl’s good fortune we ran out of space in our carry-on.  I should have taken pictures at the stores (even the airport was full of handicraft stores), as what I bought is not even close to all the cool things they had for sale.

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