Palau: Jellyfish Lake!

So yep, I took a way too many pictures of the Jellyfish Lake, in Rock Islands, Palau.  Even after deleting about half of the pictures I took, I was still left with a ton (this is the theme for this trip, no?). 

I think the Jellyfish Lake is the most famous sight of Palau.  The jellyfish over the years, isolated on this lake, evolved to the point that they have no stingers, so you can swim with them without any concern.

It was a lot of fun, and I could have stayed there for hours.  They’re mesmerizing to watch (and yes, I have videos, still haven’t worked on those yet!), and it’s all so peaceful.  They’re very very very fragile, so you have to swim slowly around them. 

The pictures of the individual jellyfish came out amazing, if I may say so myself.  The sunlight shining into the lake takes all the credit.



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18 responses to “Palau: Jellyfish Lake!

  1. Christina

    Whoa, that’s crazy!! Whenever I try to take pictures underwater, they look not even close to this good – I am usually just using a waterproof disposable, though!

  2. alicantina709

    I hate you… 1. because you got to do this amazing trip that I have been DYING to do and 2. because you are wearing a bikini (which I haven’t worn in about 3-4 years). Looking good!!! 🙂

  3. I am a certified jellyfish-phobic. IDK how you really call that but I’ve dreaded seeing one since the day I got stung so bad when I was a kid.

    But they look cute in these photos! Well, at least the solo photos of jellyfishes 😀 Tad cute! First time to look at it without having goosies. Wish I could conquer the fear one day and do just this!

    • I’ve been stung by jellyfish before too, and had huge welts on my thighs from the sting. It was as if my leg was on fire.

      But knowing they don’t sting, makes you a bit more brave. I gotta say that I was a bit aprehensive when I first saw one, but when you get to the sunny spot where they all hang out, you can’t avoid getting hit by them, and it feel like a soft gel touching you: totally painless!

  4. So so so Cool! What a great experience and awesome photos. Yep, someday…

  5. So awesome!! That’s crazy cool! Those pictures turned out great!! What a wonderful experience! 🙂

  6. That’s insane!! What an experience. That’s truly amazing.

    • It really was spectacular! I must go back to Palau! I told Karl that unless I’m knocked up this time next year, we have to go back before we leave Asia. It wasn’t a cheap trip by far (I’ll post the details later), specially since diving makes it expensive, but it was totally totally worth it!

  7. anditfeelslike

    These jellyfish looks so fuzzy! Nice blog!

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  9. wonderful photos! My family and I were in Manila for the past three years. We never got to do something as cool as swim with jellyfish!

  10. Nomads By Nature

    Absolutely fantastic shots!! It looks so peaceful swimming among them and their petticoat legs. Did they swim to you, or away, or didn’t they care at all that you were in there with them?

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