Palau: Turtles!

Just like sharks, we spotted turtles on most of our dives.  At Blue Corner, I was actually hooked about 3 feet from a turtle that was munching on coral (got loads of videos of that!).

Here are some of the shots…


I think this is my funniest picture from the trip:



Our friend Brian (who I still have to send this picture to…)


Finally, my first picture with a turtle!  I know, I know, you can’t stand my sexiness!


And now my second picture with a turtle!


Our friend Maria swimming along with a turtle at the New Drop Off, our final dive.


All the turtles we saw are pretty small, because once they’re bigger they move on to the south of Palau, a few hours away from where we were.


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5 responses to “Palau: Turtles!

  1. Wow! These pictures are amazing. I just went snorkeling recently in Barbados and I am still shocked with how breath-taking they were in person!

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