Sunset at Siquijor

We weren’t there for very long, but Siquijor still gave us some amazing sunsets – they deserve a post of their own…  (These were all iPhone pictures, and they did a pretty good job of catching all the colors! – nothing has been edited, except for the second picture when I added a border.)


Amazing, no?

I somehow managed to take over a thousand pictures in this short trip, so I’m sorting through them.  Lots of diving pictures, and the things we saw were a lot different than Palau (none of the big stuff like sharks, more amazing coral gardens). 


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4 responses to “Sunset at Siquijor

  1. What gorgeous photos! I can’t believe they are from the iPhone. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. WOW. So, So beautiful. The second to the last is my favorite! I’m really impressed with the iphone! I’ve been wondering if that’s what I should get when we go back home or if I should stick with a droid. haha decisions, decisions!

    • The iPhone wasn’t cheap, but I love it! I’ve been taking a lot more pictures lately, because I always have it with me, while the camera I tend to leave behind a lot. So far I’ve been really happy with it, and surprised at how good the pictures are! (It’s only bad in low-lighting, it has a flash, but it makes the pictures grainy.)

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