Home sick

So this last weekend was meant to be spent diving, getting that 50th dive under my belt.  But instead I woke up sick, with a horrible sore throat and spent the day in bed.  Have I mentioned Karl is in the US during this week and I still had to walk Lily by myself in the rain while sick?  Fun times… 

I had briefly mentioned a while back that there was a family emergency – Karl’s dad fell off his bicycle, broke his skull and blood went into his brain.  Though he was in a coma at first, he has since woken up, remembered everyone – which the doctor had warned it might not happen – and though he talks like a drunk and needs help to walk, things like talking and moving were all things we didn’t even know whether it would be possible when he was still unconscious, so though it’s been a trying time, it was still a great relief.  Karl left to the US last Friday to spend time with his family, and returns on Saturday.

Anyway, walking Lily in the rain while sick is nothing compared to what Karl has gone through, but I’m a big baby when I’m sick so I can still whine about it if I want to, because it sucks.


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13 responses to “Home sick

  1. Nomads By Nature

    Wow. That IS quite a lot to be dealing with. Sending prayers of continued recovery for your father-in-law. Try some hot black tea steeped with ginger slices – good with a bit of sugar in it. It will really help the sore throat, especially after walking out in the drippy weather. Hope you are feeling much better soon!

  2. I hope you feel better, Carla! Thinking good thoughts for Karl’s dad and family.

  3. Oh my god, I had no idea!! Lots of thoughts and prayers for Karl’s dad and his family. ❤

  4. You can whine all you want – it’s okay. Prayers being sent your way for a quick recovery and to Karl’s family for his father’s recovery. Hope you feel better soon!

  5. So happy that Karl’s dad is going to be okay and he gets to spend time with them!

    • Thanks, Kim! It’s been a relief.

      By the way, can you install Disqus on your blog? That one does send comment reply automatically to people (and only when the reply is directly to them). I need to have a self-hosted blog for that, which is why I don’t install it (the self-hosting thing confuses the crap out of me), but it’s the best plugin I’ve seen so far.

      • I have not looked in to Disqus because I really dislike using it (the pop-ups, that it’s buggy, etc.) on other people’s blog. But it sounds like I should consider it!

  6. Hope you feel better Carla and that Karl’s dad recovers quickly!

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