Palau: Dolphins!

I posted a picture of the dolphins before, but nothing like seeing them in video, racing the boat!  There were at least a hundred of them, everywhere in the horizon we could see more popping up.  Sadly, they disappeared as soon as we stopped the boat and jumped in to swim with them.  (As before, vimeo won’t let me link to the HD version, but if you watch on their site you’ll see the full quality video.)


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5 responses to “Palau: Dolphins!

  1. Lagos

    This is amazing I have never seen dolphins race the boat before.

    • It was soooo cool! You could see the dolphins were having a blast! The boat went considerably slower so the dolphins could keep up with us, and we couldn’t believe how many dolphins were there! Totally a surprise too, as we weren’t expecting them at all.

  2. I’m sure you have a ton of followers, but I nominated your blog for a Liebster Award anyway- I love your blog and photography! Your adventures are truly inspiring. I hope you stop by to see what I wrote 🙂

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