New Computer!

After my Dell computer decided to no longer recognize its charger, or the expensive replacement chargers I got (fun times, and apparently super common with Dell, ugh), I had to give up and admit that my 2.5 year old laptop needed replacement (I really did not plan on buying a replacement computer this soon, but should have guessed – I’ve had issues with my Dell from week 1).

After lots of research, I spent a small fortune on this Samsung computer (good thing I have that job starting up soon, huh?). Shipping a computer to DPO is not easy as no one wants to do it, but I got Amazon to ship it to Tracy, who then mailed it to me, and it just arrived last night (so yep, I got no sleep!).

I forgot how setting up a new computer is a bitch.  iTunes was specially painful because it would duplicate my songs, regardless of how many times I tried, and when I copied my playlist over, it would not find certain songs, even though it was in the same folder I had already added.

I just finished installing Windows Live Writer (the best blog software ever) so I could write this post – let’s see if everything gets posted correctly online…

First, here is old and new:

Both computers are on the large side (15.4”), because since I have a netbook and a tablet, I really don’t carry my laptop around, unless we’re moving, and when we do move, we don’t always have a TV (or DVD player!), so it’s a good way to watch movies and pass the time until we have everything in order (it really helped when we were stuck in temporary housing last year).  Said that, the Samsung is still much much thinner and lighter than the Dell:


Right now, I’m still transferring pictures over (good thing I invested in a USB cable that goes both ways so I can just drag and drop files from one computer to the other), and getting used to the new trackpad and settings, but hopefully I can get back to recapping our trip to Siquijor – I have a lot of underwater and waterfall pictures to share!


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2 responses to “New Computer!

  1. Yay for new computers! My husband bought me a new one a couple of months ago because I broke mine (a 2004 Dell). He set it all up, but iTunes is making me cray cray too.

    • Ugh, I was able to transfer my playlists, after only copying the songs I have on the playlists (since I had a separate folder for the Sony Walkman), but if I copy my whole set of music at once, it shows up about 4 duplicates of each song, regardless of what folder I make iTunes look into it, and though I can get iTunes to show me all the duplicates, there’s no way for me to delete them, unless I delete ALL songs, including the ones I’m keeping.

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