Diving in Siquijor!

Diving in Siquijor was not nearly as exciting as diving in Palau – instead of looking out for big stuff like sharks, we were back at searching for nudibranch and looking at pretty (albeit VERY pretty) coral.

As always, I took a buttload of pictures during our 3 dives in Siquijor Island, so though I won’t be able to share them all, I’ll share my favorites spread through a couple of posts.



Frog fish are so weird looking.  Can you see them?  There are two in the picture, a brown on top and a black one on the bottom of the frame (I had only seen white ones before).


See the little head sticking out below?


The leaf looking thing below?  Not a plant/coral.  It’s actually a fish!  (And I wish I remember what type, but I suck at these things…)P1040102P1040107P1040112P1040118

Am I the only one that looks at these type of corals and think “brain?”



A pale nemo…


Purple fish!  (Not their real name, obvs…)


A sea moth!


A sole!  Can you tell the contour of it against the sand?


The little glass shrimp.  It’s so hard to take a picture of them, but I think I finally succeeded!  There’s a bunch of them against the anemone below.


Another fish whose name I forgot (seriously, if anyone reading this knows better, help me out!).


This clam kept sticking those little legs in and out.


A pipefish!


This sea star shrimp is tiny – smaller than my nail!


Fish hiding under our boat.


All these pictures were taken from our first dive in Siquijor, right in front of the CocoGrove Resort.  It was our first 80 minute dive (and not the last one after this trip either!). We had another two dives that day a bit further away, and I’ll share those pictures later.  Our favorite dives of the trip, in Apo Island, is coming as well!


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5 responses to “Diving in Siquijor!

  1. Nomads By Nature

    Such a crazy world just under the surface of the sea! I can understand how going on dives could become addictive – the variety of life in your photos is amazing. Still love the blue starfish best!

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