A weekend in Shanghai? Sign me up!

Karl has been to Shanghai back on his army days (he was posted in Seoul for 4 years and explored a lot of Asia back then), and it’s always been one of his favorite big cities.  I’ve been wanting to add more countries to my list, and though I’ve been to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, I have yet to set foot on mainland China (I do count territories as separate countries, because they’re so different from one another). 

Well, that’s about to change – we just took advantage of another flight promo, and for less than $220, we are both going to Shanghai!  (Yep, that is total round trip for 2 people – not per person – I’ll miss the travel deals here…)

Next week, we jet off to Brunei, then Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia a couple of weeks later, and July and August are reserved for our trip to the US (only for 2 weeks, but we’ll be going from the east to west coast, we’ll be beat).  Unless I find another great deal, labor day should be our next visit overseas, and I can finally officially check China off my list (though if possible, a stop in Beijing before leaving Asia would be nice, we’ll see).


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2 responses to “A weekend in Shanghai? Sign me up!

  1. Dani

    Nice! Enjoy! Shanghai was my favorite city out of all of the Chinese cities we visited. They actually have -gasp- old stuff there! 🙂

  2. Yay, I love old stuff! Karl liked Shanghai a lot too when he visited years ago, so hopefully it’s still as much fun!

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