Off to Brunei!

(Actually, hope that by the time this post goes up, I’m already there!)

A friend of ours described it as the most boring place on earth, and said to save the hotel money and just not bother going, even if we’re losing the tickets.  In her defense, she did travel on her own to this tiny dry Muslim country, and at least with a travel buddy if things get boring you make your own entertainment, you know?

Let’s hope I come back with pictures as pretty as this one…


For those of you paying attention, this will be our second visit to a Muslim country, though our first one, to Jakarta, Indonesia, was Muslim-light (lots of Christians in the midst).  I’m bringing things that cover my shoulder, and hope that my shorts and dresses are ok, even though they are above the knee (I got nothing else).

Pictures and updates after we get back on Monday!


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4 responses to “Off to Brunei!

  1. Traci

    I hope it’s a fabulous trip! Good luck!

  2. I bet it won’t be boring at all! Some people don’t really know how to explore… 😛

    • Sadly, our friend was right, it IS boring. Really nothing to explore! We finally found a coffee shop, so we’re here enjoying the wifi…

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      • al

        Perhaps you didn’t explore much. You should’ve gone to Temburong district to explore the nature and perhaps you came at the wrong time of the year. You should’ve come to Brunei during Ramadhan, Eid or the Sultan’s birthday celebration. I’m sure you would’ve enjoyed it 🙂

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