Back from Brunei!

Remember how I posted that a friend said it was very boring? 

Yeah…  About that…  It was.  I guess the combination of a tiny-tiny country that is also a dry country, means there’s not much to do.  We walked the whole downtown area in about an hour, and that included stopping around and taking pictures.  I think the lack of a culture where people just hang out, even if no alcohol is involved, doesn’t help with the entertainment.  It’s not like there is a place with outdoor seating where we can just chill for a bit.

Brunei 8

So we hung out for a couple of hours at a internet cafe to kill time, as we figured since we were already there, might as well wait around until nightfall to get pictures of the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque at night.

Brunei 9

We decided on sushi for dinner, and sushi was good, but not as good as what we usually have in Manila (and way way more expensive too), but it was worth the wait, as the mosque really lights up at night…

Brunei 3

The next day, we went on a tour to see the proboscis monkeys (they deserve a post of their own), then we did a quick tour through part of the water village (over 30,000 people live in the water villages there!).  Which brings me to another point…  It’s a good thing it’s a dry country – can you imagine being drunk and walking over those narrow walkaways?

Brunei 4

We also visited the Royal Regalia Museum (no pictures allowed there), and then went to see the inside of the mosque, and yep, I had to cover myself up – they do provide clothes to borrow, which was convenient.

Brunei 5

After a very long nap back at the hotel (we were bored, I told you!), we hit the night market for dinner.  A definite MUST if you’re in Brunei!  The food was delicious, even though we didn’t try nearly everything they had.  I’m still thinking about the lamb burger with fried egg I had, and those pancake thingies filled with crushed peanuts and condensed milk…

Brunei 6

On the last day we hired a car to take us beach-hopping (this also deserves its own post), then stopped at the Bolkiah Mosque on our way back – it was gorgeous! — before hitting the night market for dinner on our last night.

Brunei 7

We had enough time to catch a movie, then headed to the airport around midnight (and even though it was a 10 minute ride, it set us back $35, ouch).

Brunei was definitely very different than all our other trips.  It was good to go, and we don’t regret it, but we’re used to walking around everywhere seeing many new things, and there was just not that many things to see.  Think of the smallest town you ever been to, and this would be similar in the entertainment value (we usually don’t take 4 hour naps or go to movie theaters on a 3 day trip!).  We had a blast seeing the proboscis monkeys and the beaches, so I’ll definitely talk about them separately. 

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