Back to Working Out…

And it’s not pretty!

I took a little break due to getting surprised by the flu, with fever and horrible chest cough, then after a week off because of that, last week I was able to get one workout in, and it wasn’t too bad, I just scraped the cardio (the whole jumping around thing) in between sets, but that was mostly due to time constraints.

But then, my hostess duties took priority, and I flew to Coron with Tracy, with no gym in sight, got back and we were busy busy busy, out of the house for the better part of the day.

So it was no surprise that when I finally got back to it yesterday, it was HARD.  Since I knew I would have to do two workouts back to back (as I’m flying to Thailand tonight), I took it easy and reduced all sets to only 7 reps so that today my body wouldn’t be too beat up.

The one surprise I had was that the 7 reps were freaking hard, and for some things (like deadlifts, jump squats and lunges), I actually had to grossly reduce the weight even with the lower number of reps.  Talk about humbling, and to be honest, frustrating as hell.

Can one really lose all progress so quickly?  It’s not like I felt like I was being challenged – I make sure I feel challenged each time I workout, since that’s the point – is that it really felt too hard, as if I should reduce the weight even more, as if it had been months since I lifted any weight at all.

Today, it wasn’t any better.  I upped the reps to 10 again, since I won’t be back until Tuesday, so dealing with soreness in the meantime will be ok, but I still had to keep the weights lower.  Even my grip was failing, despite using much lower weight.  It’s not just the muscles that got weak, the grip too?  Ugh.

If I hadn’t just beat the flu, I’d be thinking I was coming down with something (you know that overall weakness of your body when you are about to get sick? That’s what it felt like).

Here’s hoping for making a bit of progress next week.  And next time I have a guest over, I HAVE to fit those workouts in, even if it means waking up super early to get them done or dragging them down to the gym with me.


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4 responses to “Back to Working Out…

  1. Good for you! I struggled through 20 minutes on the elliptical today. Pathetic. But better than nothing.

  2. Rebecca

    Muscles begin to atrophy in 72 hours. That is why the recommendation is lifting and working out at least 3x a week. Keep it up!!! Consistency is key.

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