Exploring Kota Kinabalu!

The resort was awesome, but we had to try some of the local fare, right?  Downtown Kota Kinabalu was really small, but with a few markets selling yummy Malaysian food and a ton of little outdoor bars and restaurants!


I was still sick, and Karl didn’t feel like seafood, but just look at the size of these prawns!!  Compare them to the shrimp for true scale!


I didn’t like seeing a ray for sale though…


The lobster was also ginormous!  This was NOT a mini scale!


I do agree with that slogan…


On Monday, we spent our day at the beach and pool, checked out of the hotel, then hopped on a cab downtown to see the city during the daytime.


Ew, dried sea cucumber!


So many mangoes!


All sorts of dried fish and seafood.


Kota Kinabalu was a lot of fun!  Such a nice relaxing trip, definitely what we needed for a change!

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One response to “Exploring Kota Kinabalu!

  1. Dani

    oh my gosh I love these photos! All of that seafood! You are making me drool!

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