Earlier today, Cath introduced me to another spouse who’s been in Manila for a couple of months now, and turns out she lives just on the floor below me and can see inside my living room window (which is no surprise considering how our building is set up).

She was telling me that shortly after they moved in, she looked out the window and saw Lily, who likes sitting at the back of the couch, like so…


Anyway, she saw Lily and told her husband…

“It’s weird, I know that dog. I even know her name, it’s Lily! How do I know this?”

Then it hit her: “Carla Runs the World lives in our building!”

I thought that was hilarious, and though I once got the “I read your blog” from Karl’s boss’ boss’ boss (or something to that effect), I never had Lily getting recognize before, and that?  Was pretty awesome!

If you’re still reading, welcome to Manila, Ro!  And hope it treats you as well as it’s treating us!


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8 responses to “Semi-famous!

  1. Laura

    Don’t let that fame go to Lily’s head! What a small world.

  2. Frances

    Do I get to feel semi-famous for coming up with the name “Carla Runs the World”? 🙂

  3. Ro

    Carla! You told that story so well. (I read it last night when I woke up at midnight, sure it was almost dawn.) Thanks for the welcome. It’s nice to get a shout out in this madly bustling metropolis, and it’s fun to get a glimpse of that little white dog now and again. Glad we finally met.

  4. Nora

    U really did tell that story well Carla!!! Lily is adorable!!!!!! We have a mini shnauzer named NELLIE! I hope roe will tell you all about her which I’m sure she will! 😉 anyways I’m glad u got 2 read your blog!!!

  5. This is amazing. You’re famous!!

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