Island Hopping in Coron!

Yep, you better believe it!  Blogging for 3 days in a row, woot!  I hope I got my mojo back!

Yesterday I alluded to some beautiful pictures from Coron, see it for yourself!  Even with bad weather the place is gorgeous!  And even though the weather was raining on and off, Tracy and I still managed to get majorly sunburned on our back thanks to snorkeling all day.

I wish I could remember the name of all the sights, but if you’re there and want to hit the same spots we did, ask for “Trip A” – we did add a Coral Gardens stop to our itinerary for another 200 pesos for the “park fee.”


Our first stop was Kayangan Lake, which is the most famous spot in Coron.  You climb this huge hill to get there.  On the way, you get to take your own picture of the infamous view…


Then after sweating your butt off going up, you climb back down and reach the lake (yep, this whole thing is a lake!).


There are some hidden caves…


And just beautiful things to look at above water!


Our guide, Nono (I gave his info on yesterday’s post if you’re interested in hiring him!), was a master free diver!


Then it was time to go to our next stop, just as the crowds were coming in…


And we snorkeled!


And off we went again…


Yep, that water is for real!


Oh, we’re having lunch here?  YES!


Lunch.  This was delicious!  And that fish was so moist and filling!  Plus pork, shrimp, salad, rice…


And off we go again…


Next stop:  a shipwreck we can snorkel to!


And then the coral garden!


And then we got caught under heavy rain again…


But nope, that didn’t stop us…


We couldn’t stop laughing at how ridiculous the whole thing was!


Then off we went to our last stop of the day…


Twin Lagoon!


Turns out Tracy is not much of a water person (while I can be in the water all day, every day, and not get tired of it), and she was back reading in the boat.


For some weird reason, I look like I have a flat stomach on the picture below, so of course, it must be posted!


Back to town…


If you’re ever in the Philippines, I can’t recommend Coron enough!  Tiny town, relaxed, but if you like water, you’ll love the island hopping trips!  Coron was a blast – hope it’s not my last time!


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3 responses to “Island Hopping in Coron!

  1. Looks like such a great place to be! Awesome photos.

  2. Those urchins look really, really scary!

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