Chiang Mai: Tiger Kingdom

Remember how I went to Thailand with my friend Michelle then didn’t blog about it?  So yeah, as you can see, this week I’m on a roll!  I think the fact that on Friday (!!!) we leave for our R&R trip to the US (ah, Target, my love, how I missed you), it’s giving me a deadline to catch up as much as I can (I think the posts might run over to next week as well), so in the US I can well, talk about the US.  I mean, who is thinking “riding elephants!” while constantly shopping at Target?


So we stayed at the same hotel I had stayed with my parents back in January, Hotel M, and I still highly recommend it.  The location is great, the price is reasonable ($40-$50/night), it includes breakfast, you’re right by the old town wall!  Plus, you get into your room and you see your towels with this cuteness…


As soon as we arrived, we hopped on a songthaew and headed over to Tiger Kingdom.


And then we got to play with these babies…  (On a side note, do you know how HARD it is to choose what pictures to post when they’re all freaking cute because, OMG, there are tigers in all of them?)

We started with the small tigers…


Then moved on to the tiger cubs (“smallest” tigers).


Our last stop was the BIG tigers (they’re around 2 years old – after that they get sent off to zoos and no longer interact with people as they can be more aggressive, specially as they keep growing in size).


Yep, Michelle is queen of silly pictures!

If you’re ever in Chiang Mai, a stop at Tiger Kingdom is a must!


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7 responses to “Chiang Mai: Tiger Kingdom

  1. Great shots! Never been next to a tiger before.. but did walk with African Lions in the wild : )

    looks like you had an amazing experience and the joy comes through the pictures : )


  2. Wow, love the pictures. I’ll have to remember it if we visit Chang Mai!!!

  3. So cool! I am in Chiang Mai at the moment and I would definitively make a stop there, specially after seeing your pictures! Thanks for sharing
    (ps. little tip if you are still here and you are not a vegetarian, try Moo Ka Ta)

  4. Love the tiger kingdom and eddy elephant at Chiang mai. Respect Nature and animals. Really another kind of activities with quality.

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