Queasiness & Future Travel

So morning sickness has been getting the best of me for the last week and a half (I guess I should count myself lucky that it started at week 9.5?).  Yesterday, entering the kitchen while chili was being cooked meant the smell was overwhelming, and a prayer to the toilet gods was needed.   Only my second time vomiting (first time was last week, and that was much more intense), so again, I should consider myself lucky, right? 

Sadly, that doesn’t make me feel any better.  Add the queasiness to a bunch of food aversions (no aversions to sweets, of course, so you can imagine how healthy I’ve been eating this last week…), and the 4 pounds I put on during R&R are mostly gone (and we just got back on Saturday night!).  Still no way to get myself down to the gym, since the time I’m home I’m mostly lying down.  (To be fair, I think jetlag + time difference are also part of the problem.)

Here’s hoping that the second trimester will make me more like myself, I heard it’s the honeymoon trimester, so fingers crossed!

I really didn’t want to abandon the blog, specially now that the news is out there, but sadly it’s hard to write when you feel like crap.  (And I miss writing, boo!)

Trip to Singapore in a week and a half, for the genetic screening and all that fun stuff (so let’s hope for good news, ok?), Shanghai two days after I get back, then we have other exciting trips in development for the rest of the year (what, you didn’t think just because I’m knocked up, I’m done with traveling, right?).  Right now there’s talks of Marshall Islands (Karl is going for a TDY, so why not join him?), Pohnpei in Micronesia on the way back, and we’re thinking of Laos, Vietnam (Hanoi) and Cambodia (Phnom Penh) for November.  We’re just waiting for the quote from the travel agent (since this won’t be through a Cebu Pacific cheapy flight) to make our decision.

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