Marshall Islands Booked!

I know, I know, I still need to finish blogging about Chiang Mai (elephant pictures to come, I promise!), and here I am booking future trips…

But Karl got picked up for a TDY (temporary duty assignment) and will get to spend almost a month at in Majuro, Marshall Islands, so I jumped at the opportunity to join him for his last couple of weeks there (the ticket was NOT cheap, but they booked him to leave two days before my birthday – aaaaaah! – so guess who had the upper hand here?).

I do have some concerns about going – not about the flying, because if I could handle 20+ hours of flying when dealing with nausea in my first trimester, I definitely can handle flying in a few weeks, but going to a small little island in the middle of the Pacific, also means that I’ll have to be really careful about what I eat.  This is not a time to get food poisoning, specially away from good hospitals.

The flights there are not long, but uh, interesting…  First I stop in Guam and hang out for about 4 hours there…  Then we stop in Truk, Pohnpei, Kosrae (all in the Federated States of Micronesia), then in Kawajalein, in the Marshall Islands, all for about 45 minutes (have you lost count of how many stops?), and finally land in Majuro (no worries if you never heard of these places before today – amazing how many new places you hear of after being part of the Foreign Service, when anywhere in the world could eventually be your home!).

So what will I do in Majuro for a little over two weeks?  Since their top attraction is their bridge, I’ll probably be catching up on my kindle, snorkeling a lot (if only I could dive, right?), maybe kayaking (Andrew and Jamie said we can borrow their kayak!  Yay!) and just overall relaxing.  I know Andrew and Jamie love it there, so I’m really am excited to see what could have been like (since Majuro was in our original bidlist, way back when).

From there, we will spend 3 days in Pohnpei for what Karl calls “post research” (and I like to call “more beach!”) and also to check yet another country off our list!  Yep, this trip will officially put me at over 30 countries/territories visited!

I’m excited that traveling won’t slow down around these parts just yet…

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  1. Dani

    I too found it hard to blog a lot during that first trimester!! Glad you guys are getting all of your travel! Though I think its still pretty easy to travel with an infant, there’s something to be said for not needing to check luggage or take nursing pit stops! Have fun!

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