And my muscles have turned to Jello

Seriously.  You know how last week I worked out, and instead of doing 3 sets of each thing, I only did 1 set of each in order to ease myself back into the gym and not be too sore? 

Yeah, in Shanghai I suffered from DOMS, not only the next day and the following, but for a record of 3 days, when sitting or getting up from a chair was painful, walking up stairs was grueling, and let’s face it, just walking was also not pretty.

And my feet that haven’t bothered me in so long?  Started that achy bruised pain they get after I spend many hours walking around (it still sucks).

This week?  Nausea and fatigue hit me again (I thought this crap would be over by the second trimester?), so all the hard work from last week was wasted when I spent the entire week either taking naps or sitting on the couch.  Next time I hit the gym (soon, please?  I actually feel gross), I will have to start all over again.

And the treadmill has been neglected.  I was so proud of myself for throwing some running back in before we left to the US, and now back to zero.

Here’s hoping life will soon be back to normal.  I miss being myself.  I miss blogging, I miss sharing my vacation pictures, I miss working out, I miss just being normal.

Fingers crossed next week will be it.

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  1. Just walk. Don’t stress yourself out too much. If the sun is shining go out for a 15 minute walk with Lily just for the sun alone (God knows there isn’t any fresh air here!). What about pregnancy yoga? There are some people holding classes. I can ask the pregnancy group about it if you would like. Let me know. xx

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