Remember that job?

The one I interviewed for in March, then got the offer back in April? 

You may think that now that I’m knocked up, that I gave up on working, hence why you haven’t heard a thing again.

But, nope… 

Still planning on working, and almost 6 months later, still waiting on my security clearance.  At this point, I’m wondering whether it’ll come through at all while I still feel ok to work…  And though I never once considered not getting my clearance, it is taking so long that now I’m wondering if it’ll be denied (maybe the fact that I still hold my Brazilian citizenship, and by law I MUST vote in Brazilian presidential elections, will be held against me?  Who knows? I do know other Brazilian citizens that got their clearance fine, but these things are so subjective…).

So yeah… With all the extra expenses this year (babies are not cheap), it kind of blows that I’ve been in limbo for this long.

Still waiting…

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