Off to the Marshall Islands!

I fly over tonight, but I only get there tomorrow night, and there are many (many!) take off and landings in between me and Majuro, Marshall Islands.

Karl has been there for 2 weeks, and is really enjoying the work.  It’ll be nice to see him, though to be honest I always have a hard time being away from these babies…


Luckily, I know they’re in good hands with our helper, who is staying here with them for the next (almost!) 3 weeks.  This will be the longest I left Lily behind (the longest I stayed away from Lucas was when we left for our wedding in Rio).

So what is there to do in Majuro?  Not much. The major sightseeing spot in Majuro is this:


Yep.  A bridge.  Also known as the highest point on the island.  A reviewer on Trip Advisor says:  “The bridge was remarkable as probably one of the most sophisticated items of infrastructure on the island. It never failed to serve it’s purpose.”  (Well, good thing it’s not failing to serve its purpose, no?)

But when the aerial view looks like this:


Are you really surprised that a bridge is the most exciting landmark?

My kindle is loaded with books, my tablet and hard drive full of movies, I’m bringing my bikini and snorkeling gear.  I think I can relax there for 2 weeks with no problem, no?  Even if it takes an hour to drive down to the beach, it’s an hour with NO traffic, NO jeepneys, NO pedicabs, NO crazy buses, so one can only get excited about an hour drive when you’re actually, you know, driving.

So I’ll try to update things from there, even though I’m super far behind due to sheer laziness on talking about my trips to Chiang Mai (elephant riding!), Singapore and Shanghai.  But I’ll get there!

Now keep your fingers crossed that the flight will go without a hitch, there’ll be no delays or cancellations, and that it won’t be any worse than it already is (lots of flights and waiting inside the plane for 45 minutes in between each is never fun).

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