Aaaand… I’m still in Manila

There are some refueling issue at the Majuro airport, and all United flights from Guam there this week got canceled. 

I found that out just a couple of hours before leaving for the airport, so I checked my flights online and it all said it was good to go.

Of course, this being United, I found out I was NOT flying to Majuro after arriving at the airport, despite having already checked in online.  I was rebooked on a flight on Sunday that may or may not leave.  We’ll see how it goes.  (Karl has no updates either, and said even the President of the Marshall Islands is currently stranded away from Majuro, so they’re looking to fix the problem ASAP.)

Flights from Hawaii are still landing in Majuro, but United refused to reroute me.

After lots of tears, I came back home, and out of curiosity checked the United site, and yep, it still said that the flight for Majuro was a-ok.  Why, oh why, they don’t update these things, saving me the one hour drive in traffic to NAIA 1 (not surprisingly, voted the worst airport in the world) only to find out I wasn’t going anywhere?  Then have to drive through traffic back home?

So here I am, a few hours before I was meant to land in Majuro, where I would get to see my husband after 2 weeks apart, and I would get to be spending my weekend at the beach…  The whole idea of me arriving before the weekend was so Karl could show me around, and now, nothing.  Here’s hoping I will finally go on Sunday.

At least Lily was ecstatic to see me back home.


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3 responses to “Aaaand… I’m still in Manila

  1. 😦 That stinks. Sorry the weekend plans fell through – hoping it works out Sunday.

  2. Laura

    I’m so sorry! I hope you get there soon and can de-stress.

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