Back from Marshall Islands and Micronesia!

I had crappy crappy crappy internet during my trip.  For real.  So I couldn’t have posted even if I wanted to.  There was no connection where we were staying, and the only way to get a signal was to walk out into the very hot and sunny driveway, where there was no place to sit.  So I would check my email quickly, reply if it was important, and that was about it.

Once in a while I also shared a few pictures on instagram – I took WAY more pictures with my camera than with my iphone (since I had the camera with me at all times, and without a cellphone or internet signal, the iphone stayed behind), and I’ll definitely share those pictures, but for now, if you didn’t see it on instagram or facebook, here are a couple of shots from the last 2.5 weeks…

View from where we were staying in Majuro…  For real, this was right off our balcony!


I looked up from breakfast (yep, my breakfasts were eaten outside on the balcony, with my kindle on hand), and noticed the light drizzle and a double rainbow!


Two nights left in Majuro, and this is the amazing sunset that greeted us…


In Pohnpei, Micronesia, with better wifi signal, and a view just as wonderful from our room (on stilts!  In the middle of the jungle!).


This huge lizard was no match for the spider that woke me up on the first night (no pictures of the spider, I was too terrified to move, more on it later, let’s just say that it was my first real-life encounter with what very much looked like a tarantula – I was saved by the mosquito net around our bed).


And this is where we ate breakfast every morning.  Thanks to going during off-season, we were always the first to grab this spot in the morning!


More to come!  I’m jetlagged and super tired…  (One doesn’t sleep much after encountering a humongous chirping spider on the first night out, so got lots of sleep to catch up on.)

Here’s hoping I’ll get my energy back soon, because I also need to work off the 5lbs (!!!!) I gained in the last 2.5 weeks.  Eating out every day in places where “salad” and “fresh fruit” don’t exist in the menu, definitely made it for some non-baby related weight gain, yikes!


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2 responses to “Back from Marshall Islands and Micronesia!

  1. Gorgeous! Can’t wait to see what you captured by camera.

  2. So beautiful! I am officially jealous.

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