Went to visit my wedding page today, only to encounter a page full of blank spaces…

Turns out, for ages I linked my FB pictures to the blog (I stopped doing that about a year or so ago, I think), and now all those links are dead, thanks to FB’s new design.

Soooo…  All those pretty engagement and wedding pictures that I spent hours choosing to share?  GONE.

I’ll have to sit down and upload each pic next week, so if you read from a reader and start getting an influx of wedding posts, now you know what happened…  This is a bummer.

Between this, and finding out one of my favorite restaurants in DC closed down (Mie N Yu – I was so looking forward to a dinner there last year), today has been less than exciting. 

In other news, in a few minutes I head off for my anatomy scan (20 weeks, a.k.a. halfway pregnant now!), and let’s hope there’s only good stuff my way!  At least I have a prenatal massage scheduled this evening.  That should definitely start the weekend in the right foot!


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2 responses to “Ugh.

  1. Think about it this way: You get to relive all the happy wedding memories by going through everything again! But yes, that is annoying. Good thing you stopped linking the photos a while ago, otherwise you would have a lot more work on your hands!

    • I stopped linking when I noticed my older side pictures were disappearing (and then I just gave up on the side bar with pictures). Sucks about the wedding ones too, bc I have literally hundreds of them, and I have to sort through them again… Oh well!

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