Shopping Spree!

My mom warned me to get plenty of clothes or our baby girl before moving to Brazil because things there are EXPENSIVE nowadays.  So needless to say, when I went to Divisoria with a friend of mine this week, I didn’t let the fact that “baby won’t fit into this for at least another year or two” stop me.

So maybe I went a big overboard, but then I got home and regretted not buying more (now who wants to go back to Divisoria with me?).  So this is what 50 bucks gets you at Divisoria:


And yes, that IS a bumblebee swimsuit on the bottom right (complete with lycra wings and stinger on the back!  I should have bought more sizes!!).

I also got a couple of cute collapsible baby hampers…


I have no idea why expats are hesitant about going to Divisoria on their own.  “Oh bring a Filipino to help you navigate” and so on.  Sure, there are parts there that are a bit crazy, but if you’re looking for bags and clothes, just go to the malls (999 and 168 are the two I go to) and then you’re in a mall with stands, crazier than your normal mall, sure, but loads cheaper too!

Editing to say:  Our original baby girl has not been forgotten, and has been prancing around town wearing this…



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2 responses to “Shopping Spree!

  1. OMG. Lily. Too cute!

    And that bumblebee costume! SQUEEEE!!! Love the zebra dress too. Stock up! Baby clothes are small 🙂

    • At least baby clothes take less space than mine, makes me less guilty about moving across the world with them!

      And isn’t the bumblebee the cutest thing? I should have bought a bigger size too, so she can show off at the beach in Rio!

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