22 Weeks!

Don’t worry – this won’t end up being an “all pregnancy and nothing else” blog, specially when I have so many past trips to blog about!  But since now it looks like my belly has exploded and I started to look HUGE, I figured it’s about time I start documenting this pregnancy here.


How far along?  22 Weeks

Total weight gain/loss:  3 lbs

Maternity clothes?  Been wearing maternity clothes for weeks now!  As soon as my shorts got too tight around my belly I made the switch.  I still wear non-maternity dresses and occasionally non-maternity shirts.

Stretch marks?  No.  I’ve been slathering Brazilian almond oil topped with Burt’s Bees belly butter at least twice a day.  I know they say that stretch marks are genetic, but why not try to prevent them anyway?  (My mom used the almond oil and got no stretch marks, so maybe it does work?)

Sleep:  Sleep has sucked from the beginning.  Now I seem to wake up to pee (a few times a night), but after getting up at 5am I can’t go back to sleep right away.  After a while, I give up, check email and facebook on my phone, then try again.  It sucks!

Best moment this week:  Karl was able to feel the baby move!  I finally started feeling her last week, and feel her a few times a day now, but Karl feeling her made it even more exciting!

Miss Anything?  My old energy.  I never had a lot of energy to begin with, but I’m tired of feeling lethargic all the time.  I really miss working out, and the fear of knowing things will be even harder now doesn’t help.

Movement:  Yes!  It took a long time before I could feel her, but now that I do, is super exciting!

Food cravings:  Always sweets.  I try my best to be good though, to keep my weight gain in check.  But as I’m typing this, Karl is out getting me a double caramel sundae from McD’s (which may be my favorite dessert in the world, I hope they never stop making that amazing caramel sauce).

Anything making you queasy or sick:  The heat this morning got to me as we were walking to Greenbelt for lunch, but luckily after sitting down and starting to eat, it went away.

Have you started to show yet:  Yes, for sure, but I still look much more fat than pregnant.  This has been an adjustment for me, as I’ve never had much of a belly (I’ve had much of everything else though), and losing my waist has been tougher on me than I expected.

Gender:  Girl!

Labor Signs:  Thankfully, no.

Belly Button in or out?  Still very much an innie, but it seems to have gotten stretched out, and it looks much bigger than it used to be.

Wedding rings on or off?  On.

Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy, but my mood turns very quickly, I seem to be even more impatient than usual.

Looking forward to:  Angela’s visit next week!  She may be my last visitor in Manila, so it’ll be a blast showing her around, and hopefully getting to go places I haven’t gone to yet.


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2 responses to “22 Weeks!

  1. katie t

    I’m like just as big as you 😉 your not huge at all!!

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