Right after getting back from our R&R trip, I was medevaced to Singapore for my NT scan at 12 weeks.  Since Karl was on a work trip with the embassy, my friend Emi tagged along as it was her first time in Singapore!

My first time there was at NYE last year (and I got some fabulous pictures), but it was a lot of fun to be back, specially in a much quieter time of the year.  We dealt with lots of rain and bad weather (and poor Emi was a trooper dealing with my need to nap once a day), but we still got to walk around and see a lot.


Carrot cake was one of my favorite meals.  And no, it’s not made of carrots or cake, so no idea why it gets the name, but it’s delicious!


And even though it wasn’t my first time there, I still find it so relaxing walking along Marina Bay…

P1060483P1060484P1060488P1060489P1060497P1060502P1060507P1060517P1060518P1060526IMG_2279The Merlion was going through renovation, so we had to settle with the mini one…


We also did a ton of walking during the day…  Visiting Chinatown, then walking from there back to Marina Bay!


Even with the gloomy weather we decided to see the view from the Singapore Flyer (I had been there before with Karl, but we had gone at night).


And our last dinner was at a HUGE Hawker Center with a ton of amazing delicious food (more carrot cake for me!).


And can you believe this is where you wait around at the Singapore Airport until your gate opens?  Ah, if only NAIA was like that…



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4 responses to “Singapore!

  1. Dani

    We didn’t make it to Chinatown on our baby trip to SIngapore, so nice to see pictures of it, looks like a fun part of town to see next time!

  2. Looks like a blast. Now, I want to go. One day…

    • Singapore is great! You definitely have to make it into your list someday! (And if you’re wanting another baby, then maybe get that done while you’re in India and still have Singapore as the medevac location!)

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