Pregnancy Update: 28 Weeks

Gosh, I’ve been a crappy blogger lately, but in my defense, I have been spending more time away from the computer, and actually been busy, so there’s that.


(No idea why I’m sticking out my neck like a turtle like that…)

How far along?  28 Weeks.  I can’t believe in just two more weeks I’ll hit the 30 week mark, and that’s basically countdown, isn’t it?  Though when I convert it to months, it still seems like forever.  This pregnancy is going super slow, but the fact that I’m always so tired is not helping.

Total weight gain/loss:  10.5lbs  Yep, I keep gaining and gaining and gaining… 

Exercise:  On the good side, this week I hopped back on the treadmill, but I’m going very very slow at it (don’t want to risk an injury or bringing back up the feet pain I’ve been battling for the past year and a half).  I’m only doing 20 minutes on it, and of that, I’m only running half a mile.  My goal is to attempt to do it 3 times a week, and slowly increase the running mileage.  Yes, it’s low, but I’m taking a conservative approach seeing I’m 10lbs up from last time I ran, and you know, much more pregnant.

Measurements:  Decided to add this in here as well.  The widest part of my belly is a whopping 38.5”!  No wonder I look so huge.  My waist?  34.25” (up from 29” pre-pregnancy – which was already up from 27” from when I was in my marathon shape pre-moving-to-Manila weight gain).  Even my ribcage went from 31” to 33” and my boobs increased a total of 3” (they were the first thing to get huge when I got knocked up, I was just shocked I put on another inch in the last month *sigh*).  My hips increased an inch (and so did each of my thighs, ugh), but you’re not getting those measurements because I still have some shame.

Maternity clothes?  Still wearing them.  But still wearing regular dresses too (didn’t even buy any in maternity sizes).

Stretch marks?  Luckily, almond oil + Burt’s Bees belly butter are still working their magic.

Sleep:  No change there, it still sucks.

Best moment this week:  Nothing grand happened this week, but had lots of good moments.  Getting our housing confirmed for when we move back to DC was one of them!  We’ll be living in Crystal City, which is EXACTLY what we were hoping for!  Yay for walking with Lily and baby on the Mt Vernon Trail!  Yay for being a block from where my running group meets, and a few blocks from the sand volleyball courts I spent so many summers playing!  And lots of free parking for guests!  And a pool to teach baby how to swim!

Also, went to my first event for the Manila expats moms group.  Before you think I’m a weirdo, things are separated by age of kids, so they actually have a pregnancy & newborn group.  I was nervous since I didn’t know anyone, but everyone was lovely.  Plus, it was a good reminder that I am a social person and do well in group settings, despite not being very social in Manila (things I blogged about before, I made some good friends, but things here haven’t been easy).

Miss Anything?  Sleeping on my back and stomach.  Or just proper uninterrupted sleep.  At least the first part I’ll get back once I pop the baby out, but heard it’ll be years until the uninterrupted sleep gods visit me again.

Movement:  Lots of kicks and belly tremors (what the hell does it mean when it looks like there’s an earthquake going on in there?).

Food cravings:  Salt & Vinegar Lays potato chips.  Can’t find them in Manila (even though I did buy them once last year, never found them again).  UPDATE:  I typed this in the morning, and was waiting for Karl to take the picture, met a friend for dinner, and she found the chips!  And brought me a bag!  I’m so happy!  Haven’t satisfied the craving yet, but excited about munching on them tomorrow!

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Been ok for the most part.

Have you started to show yet:  My eyebrow lady asked if I was pregnant (which is funny, because I had assumed she was when I first started going there, but ooops, good thing I never asked because over a year later, she still looks the same).  No one else has asked though, so I assume I’m still on the “fat or pregnant?” stage.

Gender:  Girl!  This week I washed all the clothes we bought in July in R&R, and geez, that is a lot of yellow.

Labor Signs:  Only one night I woke up with bad cramping, but it didn’t last long and it didn’t happen again.

Belly Button in or out?  In (and I think it’ll stay in, as you still can’t see the bottom, unless you manually stretch it out), but it looks like a little sad frown.  I wish my belly didn’t look so depressed.

Wedding rings on or off?  On.  Still checking every day, and luckily, it still fits.

Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy, I guess.  It’s been a good week.

Looking forward to:  Another chill weekend in Manila!  And what should be my last doctor’s appointment of the year next week (if all goes well!).

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