Our International Christmas Tree!

I set up our tree early in November, this being the Philippines and all and Christmas decorations were already out, so I joined the fun! 

I bought the tree last Christmas and been collecting ornaments during the year, buying things from different places we visit and even converted a few key chains into ornaments.  It could have gone horribly bad, but I like the end result (these are all iPhone pictures, so the quality is a bit subpar):



So here’s a few of the ornaments close up…

An elephant from Thailand, and a star from Marshall Islands…


Another elephant and giraffe also bought in Thailand, both converted key chains (got lots of elephants on that tree…).



Gecko and turtle bought at the market in Cambodia…



Of course, the US of A gotta represent, so I have some ornaments bought at our trip to Guam last year.


I bought this elephant in Singapore


And this monkey (that Karl thinks looks like a sperm) in Cambodia.  The ball next to it was bought in Thailand, but I think it comes from India?


Why not have Chinese new year’s stuff decorating a tree?  This was bought in Singapore.


These are obviously key chains too, both the seahorse and the crab are from here in the Philippines!



This mask is from Indonesia…


And another item bought in Thailand that wasn’t really from SE Asia.


Despite my husband being a bit of a Grinch when it comes to Christmas decorations, I got the Starbucks mug for him (he’s a bit addicted…).


The butterfly was bought in Vietnam!


And more Chinese new year’s stuff bought in Singapore!


I’m not naïve:  I know that, perhaps except for the ornaments I got in the Marshall Islands, odds are everything else was made in China, but it’s the thought (and the memories!) that count, right?

Plus seeing all the elephants decorating my tree makes me insanely happy!


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6 responses to “Our International Christmas Tree!

  1. Little Red Jenn

    LOVE the idea of making keychains into Christmas tree ornaments! Turned out great!

  2. The tree looks gorgeous, I love the international theme. Merry Christmas!

  3. Wow! So many cool ornaments!

    I’m loving that Starbucks mug 😀

  4. I love your tree! I would like to do a tree with random ornaments, all with different meaning. Even if they were not made where you got them, you still traveled there to get them and they hold memories!

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