Guess what?


Yep, I actually went to the gym yesterday! (And took a blurry picture while at it…)  I seem not to be as tired this week as I’ve been, probably because I’ve been sleeping a little bit better the last few days (yay!), so took full advantage of it!

I only had a half-assed workout, as I’m almost 33 weeks along after all, so decided to take it easy, and actually ease myself back into a routine.  Only did a set of deadlifts, a set of squats, with 25lb dumbbells (and to think I used to use 35-40lbs), and one set of shoulder raises, and one of lat pulldown.  Then I did a 10 minute prenatal pilates video from youtube at home and called it a day (I would have done another one, but the stupid thing wouldn’t stop loading every minute or so, so I gave up on my crappy internet connection.  Trying to figure out how to download it, because I can’t really workout if I keep waiting for the thing to load, even after I paused it and “preload it” – or so I thought).

First, deadlifts with a bump is super hard!  You kind of run out of space there to reach down (and how did I not predict that?), second, despite taking it super easy, my out-of-shape-ness slapped me on the face this morning when I woke up sore.  From doing that?  Yikes!  One more reason to get back to the gym more often! 

Let’s hope this lack of extreme fatigue will continue for the next 2 months so I’m not a complete blob of jello when this baby girl makes her appearance.

And just for fun, here is a picture from the beginning of my second trimester on the left (I was 14.5 weeks along), when I thought I could see the beginning of a bump (hahahaha) compared to now. 


Depressing to confirm, in pictures, how my butt has gone through an expansion project as well (lack of working out will do that to you, so I’m not surprised, but doesn’t mean I’m not bummed about it).  And considering how curved my back is now, it’s no wonder I’m dealing with lower back pain!

The good news?  It felt good to workout again, so let’s hope this lack of insomnia is here to stay!  (And yes, that might be more blogging because more sleep = more disposition to write!)


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4 responses to “Guess what?

  1. That is one darling bump 🙂 And YAY for sleep!

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