Pregnancy Update: 34 Weeks!


How far along?  34 weeks!  3 weeks left until full-term, yay!

Total weight gain/loss:  21lbs.  I’m seriously tired of this.  I have no idea how the weight keeps packing on, and though I’ve been bad on the exercise, I haven’t been stuffing my face with ice cream and cake (I wish!  Then the weight gain would have been totally worth it!). 

Exercise:  This week wasn’t great.  Still doing the aqua aerobics, but nothing else.  Super-tired again, so have taken naps daily…  Today I managed to do 20 minutes of prenatal pilates, and hoping to start doing them 3 times a week, but actually doing it has somehow become a challenge.

Measurements:  Belly is at 41” (half an inch less than last week, I think baby shifted position slightly) and waist is still at 36” – everything else is measuring the same or slightly smaller (my ribcage went down an inch!).  So I have no idea where all the weight is going!  Despite my wedding ring not fitting, nothing is swollen, and my hands look normal, so where exactly IS this weight going?

Maternity clothes?  Yes on everything but underwear and dresses.  I think that will be the case until baby comes out.

Stretch marks?  Still none, but since the belly hasn’t gotten bigger, let’s hope my skin can hold on a few more weeks!

Sleep:  Some good days, but last night was miserable.  I got up to pee about 11 times (I counted, for real), and couldn’t really fall asleep until well after 3 or 4am.  I felt like a zombie all day today.

Best moment this week:  This weekend was really good.  Between getting a 2 hour prenatal massage, then eating a yummy burrito (a very rare thing in Manila!), then going to Tagaytay with Karl and Lily on Monday and stuffing our faces with the fresh food from Sonya’s Garden, it was super relaxing!

Tagaytay has one of the world’s smallest but also most active volcanoes.  See it right above Lily’s face?


Miss Anything?  Back to missing sleep.

Movement:  Had a bunch of slow days that honestly got me worried, but baby girl is active again the last couple of days.  Just had my appointment today and it’s all looking good!

Food cravings:  Karl had this amazing tuna tartare during his birthday dinner at Buddha Bar last week, and I’ve been dreaming of it since.  Also, craving fresh salads…  Wish Sonya’s Garden wasn’t such a long annoying drive to get to…

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Car rides in general.

Have you started to show yet:  Definitely past the “look just fat” stage!

Gender:  Girl!

Labor Signs:  None.  Baby girl is also very high, so my belly hasn’t dropped yet, and at the doctor’s appointment today no sign of progression either (which is great news at 34 weeks!).  3 more weeks until I can start hoping this baby will come out already!

Belly Button in or out?  In, and I will bet money that it’s staying in.  Still very deep, I have to really make an effort to see the bottom of it (pre-pregnancy I couldn’t even see the bottom at all).

Wedding rings on or off?  Off. 

Happy or Moody most of the time:  Lots of ups and downs.

Looking forward to:  A relaxing weekend with Karl!  Every other week he has chiropractor and orthodontist appointment, and that takes up most of Saturday (they make him wait forever at the dentist, some days he waits for 2 hours!  2 more months and those braces should come off, yay!), this weekend is the “off” week, so no plans and we can relax!  He also had to work a lot last weekend since he is in the 24 hour duty of the “special services” on the American Citizen Services part of the consulate, and due to a death of an American late last week, he spent most of the weekend on phone calls identifying then notifying next of kin, and all that other depressing stuff (it doesn’t help that most Americans stateside never heard of the State Department, so even explaining this is not a scam from the Philippines takes time).  He is still on duty this weekend, but here’s hoping it’ll be an easier weekend for him (and for the Americans in the Philippines!).

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