Ooops, I did it again…

Remember the day we moved to Makati, and I showed up at home with this


Well, last night after dinner at the Ayala Park, Karl was ahead of me as he was stopping by McDonalds to get us sundaes (another oops…), and as I walked with Lily I spotted this scared gray kitten, completely terrified and alone.

I don’t need to tell you that when I waved my husband back across the street that I was not his favorite person then.  But how can I leave a tiny kitten left to die like that?  (And I think 2 kittens in 2 years in a city where there are strays everywhere is a pretty good number, no?)

So we brought him home, and under the light I saw how filthy he really was.  Off to the sink with some pet soap he went, and after lots (and lots) of scrubbing, and a total of three wash-rinse cycles (for real!), we got all the fleas and dirt out, and turns out the gray kitten was actually white…


And he might look well fed, thanks to his longer than usual fur, but he’s a skinny little thing once you touch him – you can feel every single rib and spine bone.  But we solved that problem by quickly feeding him after the bath (yay for not having to bottle feed again!), and boy, was he starving!


And I even cuddled with him a bit on the couch.  He purrs like no cat I’ve ever seen, and loves to cuddle and knead.  So different than the other kitten who was a feisty little thing!


Karl’s mean cold heart finally softened too, and he snuggled with the kitten today.


Of course, we can’t keep him.  Not only a newborn is entering our lives soon, but Lucas made it clear to us (again!) that he is in a one-cat family (nothing like seeing your sweet grown cat madly hiss at a tiny kitten).

Vet is coming tomorrow, and hope to advertise him for adoption soon once he gets a clean bill of health.  He’s such a little snuggly thing, that hopefully won’t be too hard for him to find a good home!  (Anyone in Manila reading this wants to adopt a kitty?)



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9 responses to “Ooops, I did it again…

  1. Aww! He is so cute! Were you surprised when he was white? LOL. Good luck finding a home! Thanks for having such a kind heart and taking him in 🙂

  2. If we lived in Manila we’d adopted him in a heartbeat! Thank you for taking care of him. I hope a wonderful family adopts him soon.Funniest line in your post: “Karl’s mean cold heart finally softened too.” Ha ha!

    • I hope we can get him adopted soon. He is such a little cuddly kitten! But both our pets have made it clear he’s not welcomed.

      Karl heart is not actually mean when it comes to pets — he did spend an hour locked in the bathroom w me washing the kitten and then blow drying him (kitten was too cold to let him dry on his own), but he refused to be affectionate for the first 24 hours, as if showing the kitten affection would be admitting I was right (he really doesn’t want to encourage me, ha!). But eventually he caved! And is even now saying “I’m going to miss him when he’s gone, none of our other pets are this cuddly!”

  3. I have stray cat syndrome too. John’s dog found a tiny kitten abandoned in his apartment complex when I was pregnant with our first, he made the mistake of calling me out to come “look at it”….YEA RIGHT, THAT KITTY IS MINE!!!! Finders keepers of cute fluffy kittens! The alley cat, Tom, sat on my baby bump for 7 months and now lives at our new house. Livin’ the dream. Hunting mice all day and sleeping in a heated garage at night. I feel like when they FIND YOU, it’s meant to be. Unless you have 10 already I guess……. 🙂

    • Gosh, if it wasn’t for our two pets and our lifestyle, I would be keeping him in a heartbeat! He’s such a little affectionate kitten! But moving with two pets are hard enough as is, with three it would be impossible (specially since we take them in cabin w us, and that’s a limit of one pet per adult…).

      Fingers crossed it won’t be hard finding him a good home! Vet is coming today to check if it’s all ok. We cleaned up all the fleas (and flea poop, ew) when we washed him, and the only injury he has are a couple of blisters on his paws, I would probably have to wait for those to heal to find him a home (since folks are much more willing to adopt a pet with no issues).

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